Event Report: Florida Supercon 2019 (7 July 2019)

Event Report: Florida Supercon 2019 (7 July 2019)

August 2, 2019 0 By 007 Travelers

What: Florda Supercon 2019

Where: Miami Beach Convention Center, 1900 Washington Avenue, Miami, Florida, USA

When: 7 July 2019

It was hot in the city of Miami Beach already in the morning on 7th of July 2019, when 007 Travelers prepared to go to the Miami Beach Convention Center.

Doors were open at 10 am and we were ready to explore the area.

There was so many different kind of merchandise available that it was really hard to choose where to go. And the area of Supercon is really huge.

Just about at 12 o’clock we were approaching the booth were Mr. Ricou Browning was. He is an American film director, actor, producer, screenwriter, underwater cimematographer and stuntman. Bond world knows him of course as an underwater sequence director of “Thunderball” (1965) and “Never Say Never Again” (1983). Sean Connery was James Bond in both of these films.

He has also been an actor and most memorable film of Mr Browning is “Creature of the Black Lagoon” (1954) and its sequels “Revenge of the Creature” (1955) and “The Creature Walks Among Us” (1956). His role was “The Gill Man” in all those movies.

Ricou Browning has also been seen in TV-series “Flipper” (1964-1967), he also directed 37 episodes of “Flipper“.

We chatted about Bond productions with Mr. Browning and bought a photo with autograph and after that he asked us to join him for a photo. That was for free.

Pirita, Ricou Browning and Mika

Photo and an autograph of Ricou Browning, dedicated to 007 Travelers

Then it was time to move on and we found a place where Mr. Richard Dean Anderson kept his Questions and Answers session. This hall was on the second floor and it took a while to walk there.

Richard Dean Anderson (born January 23, 1950) is an American actor and producer. He began his television career in 1976, playing Dr. Jeff Webber in the American soap-opera series “General Hospital” then rose to prominence as the lead actor in the television series “MacGyver” (1985–1992). He later appeared in films such as “Through the Eyes of a Killer” (1992), “Pandora’s Clock” (1996), and “Firehouse” (1997).

Mr. Anderson told about his career and answered kindly to all kind of questions. He has a great sense of humour and he can laugh also at himself and the characters he has played. He also said that what he values most in the world is the teachers.

Richard Dean Anderson

We had also purchased the photo op tickets and we had to run immediately after Questions and Answers session to downstairs where the photo op session was. After queuing a while it was our turn. Mr Anderson politely shook hands with us and then it was time for a photo and after a few seconds it was over. This was really fast and efficient 🙂

Pirita (left), Junior Agent Traveler (front), Richard Dean Anderson (back), Mika (right)

Then we had still time to walk around the area and took some pics of the awesome guys and girls with their costumes on.


Photo credit: Junior Agent Traveler / 007 Travelers
@littlefoxghost & @caprio.art

Photo credit: Junior Agent Traveler / 007 Travelers

Photo credit: Junior Agent Traveler / 007 Travelers

This was a really nice event. And big plus to air-conditioning, which worked really well here in Miami Beach Convention Center.

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