007 Travelers report of Bollinger SPECTRE 007 dinner in August von Trappe restaurant

007 Travelers report of Bollinger SPECTRE 007 dinner in August von Trappe restaurant

November 4, 2015 0 By 007 Travelers

WhatBollinger Spectre 007 dinner
Where:  August von Trappe – Belgian Bistro & Bar, Verkatehtaankatu 2, Tampere, Finland
When: Friday 30 October 2015

007 Travelers attented this dinner in the evening of the official “SPECTRE” (2015) premiere of Finland.

Thank you Restaurant Manager Riina Nissinen and all the great people in restaurant August von Trappe.

When we arrived in Tampere, we checked in to hotel Cumulus which is near the restaurant August von Trappe and all the visitors in Tampere can book this hotel due to its great location.

Pirita / 007 Travelers

Soon we also noticed this white Aston Martin in front of the restaurant. 

The staff of August von Trappe welcomed us and took good care of us. 

Pirita & Mika / 007 Travelers
Photo: Jonathan Melartin Aftersunset Photography

They had a special table for us and the service was friendly, fast and first class. Every table had some playing cards on them according to Bond theme.

This restaurant – owned by Maestro Hans Välimäki – is very atmospheric and decorated with good taste, it is beautiful and we could hear Bond theme songs during the evening.

The cooks and the kitchen staff were busy and hard-working and did a good job with the Bollinger Spectre 007 dinner menu.

First we had two glasses of Bollinger Champagne, one for each (a´35 EUR) and it was excellent. The whole bottle price is 209 EUR. Later with the food we had red wine and water.

Pirita & Mika / 007 Travelers

The menu (70 EUR) consisted of following dishes:

First we had oyster soup and it was absolutely delicious! 

Next one was scrambled eggs, caviar and truffle, that was fantastic!

After that, we had fish: turbot and Lillet sauce, and Lillet of course is a part of Vesper Martini. That tasted really good and was just ingenious!

Before the next dish we had classic Martini as an eatable version! How cool was that! Wow!

We had Finnish grilled lamb and peas as a main food and it was tasteful and very good!

Finally we had the dessert which was very fresh Mille Feuille that was awesome!

During the dinner we saw actors from Tampere, dressed with Bond style. The group is called Ark(k)ityypit and this was their first official show in that form. They talked with the diners and it was nice.

From left to right:
Anni Sillankorva / Severine (“Skyfall“, 2012), Sanni Lehto / Madeleine Swann (“SPECTRE”, 2015)
Siri Saarilehti / Pussy Galore (“Goldfinger“, 1964), Arvo Jean-Michael Saarinen / Raoul Silva (“Skyfall”, 2012)

Thank you for this wonderful evening, 007 Travelers can recommend August von Trappe for everyone!

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