007 Travelers report: Naantali Spa Goes Hollywood: Bond day

007 Travelers report: Naantali Spa Goes Hollywood: Bond day

February 10, 2016 0 By 007 Travelers

What: Club For Five: Bond show “Vaaralliset Rakkauslaulut”  (Dangerous Love Songs)
Where: Naantali Spa, Naantali, Finland
When: On Saturday 6th of February 2016

Thank you:
Joni Hakkarainen, Director, Sales & Marketing at Sunborn Group
Annika Tuominen, Executive Assistant at Sunborn Saga Oy, Naantali Spa Hotel
Milla Grönroos, AD at Pramedia Oy

007 Travelers arrived in Naantali, which is a city in south-western Finland.
We traveled by Onnibus from Helsinki to Turku, price 4 euros / person, duration 2h 5 min. From Turku we took a taxi to Naantali Spa, it was 32 euros. (17 km)
Naantali Spa Hotel is situated by the waterfront in the Finnish Archipelago, less than 1 km from Naantali town centre.

Naantali Spa had “Naantali Spa Goes Hollywood” theme week which culminated on 6th of February 2016: James Bond day.

In the lobby the customers could take photographs of themselves as James Bond and Marilyn Monroe. 007 Travelers did that too.

The Hollywood theme was seen in the lobby and the reception.

This day was all about James Bond: Aston Martin DB9 in the lobby, 007 traveling presentation, exhibition and lottery by 007 Travelers and a wonderful Bond dinner and great show of Club For Five! The event was well pre-promoted in the media and it was sold out!
At least newspaper Turkulainen, STT Info,  Naantalin matkailu, Kauppalehti and Eventsbook.net promoted this event as well as did 007 Travelers here.

Let´s take a look how was the evening and the hotel!

Bond fans noticed Aston Martin DB9 in the lobby and it was stunning! 

Aston Martin DB9

Pirita / 007 Travelers

Mika / 007 Travelers

If you noticed the car, you noticed James Bond information signs showing towards the meeting room. Our meeting room was “Elisabeth“. The venues are named after the spouses of the Finnish presidents. Everything we needed was there and we started to set up our 007 item exhibition.

For more information of Conference and event venues here.

Also you could find brochures about our event.

007 Travelers welcomed guests who participated our event and the lottery. The prize was a miniature vehicle Maserati Biturbo 425 signed by Robert Davi, who was a Bond villain Franz Sanchez from the movie “Licence to Kill” (1989).  The winner of this prize was Markku S. Congratulations! 

If you are interested in Bond vehicle miniatures, see 007 Travelers’ collection here

Photo: Mertsi Petenius / James Bond Club Finland

We showed our 007 travel photos and told about our Bond traveling.

We had also an exhibition of 007 items. You can find a list of 007 Items by 007 Travelers here.

After our presentation, we went to Paviljonki Restaurant, which has superb sea views, delicious food and of course a dance floor. 

Photo: Naantali Spa

We were guided to our table which was in front of the stage, that was very well organized. The table´s setting was beautiful and we found our menu on the table.

We ordered wine packages (29 euros / person) that included wine for every dish. White wine for starter, red wine for main course and a dessert wine for dessert. This show & dinner was scheduled as follows: Show, starter, show, main course, show, dessert, show.

Club For Five

It was time for the show of this evening:

Club For Five is a A cappella band, which means that music is specifically group or solo singing without instrumental accompaniment. They are: Maija Sariola, Susanna Lukkarinen, Jouni Kannisto, Juha Viitala and Tuukka Haapaniemi.  Since Susanna Lukkarinen is now on maternity leave, Eeppi Ursin replaces Susanna for now.

Find Club For Five website here.

The show started at 19.15: the band started with “James Bond Theme” (1962), then we heard “GoldenEye” (1995) and “Skyfall” (2012).

Then we had our starter, which was Grilled sugarsalted salmon, poached egg “GoldenEye” and Mousseline sauce, with white wine “Preussens Gloria Feinherb” 12cl.

The band came back at 20.05 and performed “From Russia with Love” (1963), and a jazz version of “You Only Live Twice” (1967). They also sang “Tomorrow Never Dies” (1997) as well as “Casino Royale“´s (2006) theme song “You Know My Name“. That was awesome!

Juha Viitala

Then they had a break again and we had our main course: Ox fillet steak “007”, port wine sauce and parmesan potato, with red wine “Pittacum Barrica“, 16cl.

Club For Five continued at 21.10 with “Nobody Does It Better (“The Spy Who Loved Me, 1977) and after that the band sang a birthday song for some man in the audience. Then they performed Duke Ellington – “Black and Tan Fantasy“. After that Tuukka Haapaniemi´s solo, which was a serenade for all the ladies, “Ochi chornyje” which Tuukka sang in Russian. It was breathtaking!

Tuukka Haapaniemi
Then was time for our dessert: Cherry-white chocolate cake and cherry compote, with dessert wine “Beerenauslese Exquisit“, 8cl.

After the dessert the band came back at 22.05 and performed “Die Another Day” (2002).

VIDEO: Club For Five: “Die Another Day” 

Video: © 007 Travelers

Then was time for little improvisation: In the audience was a couple who was celebrating their wedding day. The band asked the man about his wife, her name and how is her character like. Also the audience defined the genre and style of music: It was rap and march. The wife´s name is Eija, she likes karaoke and her husband said she is conscientious and diligent. With this information, Club For Five improvised a “Dangerous Love Song” for them! It was great!

Then the band performed the theme from “Austin Powers” film and we also heard how they performed instrument solos with their voices. Wow! 

Maija Sariola

Jouni Kannisto

Eeppi Ursin

They also performed “Live And Let Die” (1973) which was absolutely fabulous! As an encore they performed a medley that consisted of “Goldfinger” (1964), “Diamonds Are Forever” (1971), “Licence to Kill” (1989), “Thunderball” (1965) and “Skyfall” (2012).

Thank you Club For Five for this unforgettable evening!

Also we want to thank the staff of the Restaurant Paviljonki: The service was very polite and fluent and the food was excellent!

In addition of Restaurant Paviljonki, Naantali Spa has also other restaurants and bars: 
Le Soleil, Thai Garden, TK´s, Cafe Roma, Lobby Bar, Havana Bar, Wine Cellar, TK´s Lounge, Naantalin Kaivohuone and Rantaravintola.

More information about Naantali Spa´s restaurants here.

You surely want to know more where this great evening took place!

Naantali Spa is on “Seven of the best spas in the world” (13 January 2016) list of international traveling website LiveShareTravel

Best spas in the world for culture: Finland
“Naantali Spa has a long history and is the only Nordic spa to appear in the Royal Spas of Europe, a group of European spas and health resorts rich in tradition. Its sauna and pool paradise is at the centre of the spa, with four Finnish saunas and an aromatic Turkish sauna to relax in. There are also several pools to cool off in at the spa before exploring the wonders of the town of Naantali, and its historic, maritime links.” 

007 Travelers checked in on 6th of February 2016, and we are very pleased with the reception services: Everyone of them was polite and well informed of our arrival, and the marketing department had organized a lottery box with coupons and pens for us.

Our room was ready as well as the meeting room “Elisabeth“.  

Our room:

Double room (32 m²) on the 2nd floor of the Spa main building. Completely renovated in 2012, these spacious rooms feature an extravagant king-size double bed, with either parquet or wall-to-wall carpet, TV, WiFi, kettle, phone, shower, bath robes for two adults, hair dryer and doorbell. In addition, the room is equipped with a unique champagne bar. The room is smoke-free.

We like it very much. It has nice colours and materials.
The room was clean and comfortable.

We had also a terrace area, which was nice.

Book a room here 

Naantali Spa had Bond themed treatments as follows:

LICENCE TO ENJOY! Theme treatments at Naantali Spa:
*Die Another Day – ease up the excitement with massage, 45 min 55€ (normally 65€)
*Diamonds Are Forever – aromatic gemstone therapy with champagne, 69€ (normally 83€)

Naantali Spa has also other Treatment Packages, which you can order here.

The spa itself is a fantastic sauna and pool paradise!

Photo: Naantali Spa

* a warm, traditional whirlpool bath
* a recreational pool with massaging water jets
* a Roman bath
* an outdoor pool heated to +30°C all year round
* four Finnish saunas
* steamy, aromatic Turkish sauna

007 Travelers really enjoyed and found this spa very relaxing!

The next morning we had our breakfast. You have two choices, either to order breakfast to your room: 

…or have your delicious and rich buffet breakfast in restaurant ´s premises, which we did. The buffet breakfast is served as follows: Mon-Fri 7-10 | Sat-Sun 7-10.30.
(Price for non-residents 18,-/adult and 9,-/child 4-12 years)

Photo: Naantali Spa

Check out was fast and service was friendly. We want to thank the whole staff of Naantali Spa for making our time there wonderful and unforgettable! Thank you!

007 Travelers recommends Naantali Spa!

Naantali Spa Hotel
Matkailijantie 2
FI-21100 Naantali
Reception +358 2 44 550
Fax +358 2 44 55 621

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