007 Event: Club For Five: Bond show “Vaaralliset Rakkauslaulut”  (Dangerous Love Songs)

007 Event: Club For Five: Bond show “Vaaralliset Rakkauslaulut” (Dangerous Love Songs)

January 21, 2016 0 By 007 Travelers


What: Club For Five: Bond show “Vaaralliset Rakkauslaulut”  (Dangerous Love Songs)
Where: The Pavilion of Naantali Spa, Matkailijantie 2, Naantali, Finland
When: On Saturday 6th of February 2016 at 19.00
Price: Show & Dinner 79,00 EUR
Attention: The event is for 18 years old and older only


Spend an evening with James Bond, in the world of the most famous agent of our time. 
Club For Five’s show is full of sparkling excitement and romance – unique interpretations of unforgettable songs.

Chameleon-like vocalists change Naantali Spa’s Pavilion into a show place from Bond movies with shining glamour, evening dresses and fatal twists. A cappella quintuple Club For Five has an irresistible style without any instruments. A night includes James Bond classics that are fatal, dangerous and beautiful. During show and dinner you can hear many hits including “Goldfinger“(1964), “Skyfall” (2012) and “Live And Let Die” (1973). When listening to the music and eating dinner, you can also enjoy your drink shaken, not stirred.

Bring yourself and your friends experience relaxing and fascinating night with Club For Five.

*Grilled sugarsalted salmon, poached egg “GoldenEye” and Mousseline sauce
*Ox fillet steak “007”, port wine sauce and parmesan potato
*Cherry-white chocolate cake and cherry compote

Tel. +358 2 44 55 100 or Lippupalvelu

Naantali Spa Goes Hollywood” theme week starts 29 January and culminates 6 February 2016.



At 17.00 – 18.00: Meet 007 Travelers at meeting room Louise: 
Bond exhibition, James Bond related knowledge, 007 traveling presentation, lottery

Mika & Pirita
Finland´s first and the most comprehensive Bond bloggers have years of experience and expertise of the world of 007 and Bond filming locations. Welcome to meet us! 

Bond villain Franz Sanchez (Robert Davi) from the movie “Licence to Kill” (1989)
has signed a miniature vehicle Maserati Biturbo 425. It can be yours soon!
Photos of Robert Davi & the miniature vehice: Mertsi Petenius / James Bond Club Finland

Robert Davi

Maserati Biturbo 425

Aston Martin DB9 in the meeting lobby 29 January – 7 February 2016

Remember also LICENCE TO ENJOY! Theme treatments at Naantali Spa:
*Die Another Day – ease up the excitement with massage, 45 min 55€ (normally 65€)
*Diamonds Are Forever – aromatic gemstone therapy with champagne, 69€ (normally 83€)

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