007 Drink: Raki

007 Drink: Raki

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Drink: Raki

Bond movie appearance: From Russia with Love” (1963). James Bond (Sean Connery) drinks raki (rachi in English subtitles in BluRay disc) with Kerim Bey (Pedro Admendáriz) in a gypsy camp in Turkey.

Bond book appearances: “From Russia, with Love” (1957), “James Bond, the Authorized Biography of 007” (1973)

Experience of 007 Travelers: Veli’s restaurant, Friedrichstrasse 200, Berlin, Germany

Rakı or raki (/rɑːˈkiː/, Turkish pronunciation:[ɾaˈkɯ]) is an alcoholic drink made of twice-distilled grapes. It is the national drink of Turkey. It is also popular in other Balkan countries as an apéritif as well as in Kazakhstan. It is often served with seafood or meze. It is comparable to several other alcoholic beverages available around the Mediterranean and the Middle East, e.g. pastis, ouzo, sambuca, arak and aguardiente. (Wikipedia)

Photo © EON, United Artists, Danjaq, LLC

Photo © EON, United Artists, Danjaq, LLC

Photo © EON, United Artists, Danjaq, LLC

“Here you are my friend! Now, at once, some raki. You must be exhausted after your sight-seeing.’ He fired orders at the waiter.

Bond sat down in a comfortable-armed chair and took the small tumbler the waiter offered him. He lifted it towards Kerim and tasted it. It was identical with ouzo. He drank it down. At once the waiter refilled his glass.”

Ian Fleming: “From Russia, with Love” (1957)

“Bond had to hurry. He had a sleeper reservation in his name aboard the Simplon-Orient Express to Paris. It left at five. He just had time to pay his bill at the hotel, grab his luggage and reach the station with two minutes in hand. He felt quite satisfied with himself; it wasn’t often that an assignment went so painlessly, and he felt better for the trip. He smoked a Turkish cigarette and ordered a glass of raki from the attendant – a poisonous form of alcohol, but he was feeling at peace with Turkey and enjoyed it. He read more Ambler, dined, and was just turning in, when something made him think of Azom’s briefcase. By now the train was rattling through the Bulgarian night at sixty miles an hour. The briefcase was sitting on the luggage rack; Bond took it down and opened it.”

John Pearson: “James Bond, the Authorized Biography of 007” (1973)

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