007 Drink: Johnnie Walker whisky

007 Drink: Johnnie Walker whisky

April 26, 2021 0 By 007 Travelers

Drink: Johnnie Walker whisky
Bond book appearances: The Facts of Death (1998), Solo (2013)
Experience of 007 Travelers: At home

“Back in his room, Bond packed with some thought, deciding to wear an olive-green safari jacket over khaki trousers with suede desert boots on his feet. Into the Zanzarim grip went three dark blue short-sleeved Aertex shirts, three pairs of underpants and socks, a rolled up panama hat in a cardboard tube, his antimalaria pills and his pigsskin toilet bag. It was odd and a little unsettling not to have a gun on him: he felt strangely undressed, almost wilfully vulnerable. He decided to leave all his other clothes in his suitcase – and he´d deposit that in Blessing’s office for her to ship home at some stage. He who travel lightest, travel furthest, Bond supposed, and that included weaponry. Into a war zone with a can of talcum powder and some aftershave. He walked down to reception with his suitcase and his new grip, ready to check out and settle his bill. Having done that he had an idea and went into the bar and bought a bottle of Johnnie Walker whisky. For medicinal use – you never knew when it might be needed.”

William Boyd: “Solo” (2013)

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