007 Drink: Jim Beam whiskey

007 Drink: Jim Beam whiskey

January 8, 2021 0 By 007 Travelers

Drink : Jim Beam whiskey
Bond book appearance:Carte Blanche” (2011).

Bond drinks two Jim Beams with a little water in an airplane when flying from Dubai to Cape Town.

Sean Connery also advertised Jim Beam back in 1960’s

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“As the Emirates Boeing taxied smoothly over the tarmac toward the gate in Cape Town, James Bond stretched, then slipped his shoes back on. He felt refreshed. Soon after takeoff in Dubai he’d administered to himself two Jim Beams with a little water. The nightcap had done the trick famously and he’d had nearly seven hours of blessedly uninterrupted sleep.”

Jeffery Deaver: “Carte Blanche” (2011)

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