007 Drink: Evian water

007 Drink: Evian water

January 10, 2024 0 By 007 Travelers

Drink: Evian water

Bond book appearance: Devil May Care (2008)

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“Bond drank a full glass of Evian at the change. The match was almost over and he wasn’t bothered about having too much fluid in his stomach.”

“While he waited for Gorner to complete his changeover rituals, Bond bounced the ball and planned his service game. Three-quarter speed down the middle to the deuce court, out wide to the backhand on the advantage court. Then, if 30-love up, hit the variants: slice wide to the forehand, then straight down the middle in the advantage court.

Gorner finished towelling himself and went slowly back to receive. As Bond prepared to serve, Gorner advanced almost to the service line, then doubled back. He managed a decent backhand return, but Bond put the volley away a safe two feet inside the sideline.

Gorner advanced to the net. “I wonder if you’d like to raise our bet, Mr. Bond. I was thinking of a double.”

Bond didn’t have the money and he didn’t have the authority of the Service to presume on theirs. But he felt that in the last two games the odds had turned inexplicably in his favour.

“If you insist,” he said. “Fifteen-love.” He netted his first serve, but hit a deep second with topspin. Gorner’s return was short and Bond was able to pressure him into a backhand mistake.

Following his plan, he swung the next serve out wide and stunned Gorner’s return with a drop volley, giving himself three match points.

Now for the middle line, he thought. He threw the ball a little lower than usual, and slightly further in front of him, then hit with all his power, flat down the centre. It bounced in the corner of the service box and curved away from Gorner’s flailing racquet to hit the back netting half-way up. It lodged there, whitish grey, smudged with red.

Bond went to the net and held out his hand. Gorner came to meet him and, for the first time since they had met, looked him in the eye.

The relief and elation of victory evaporated as Bond felt the intense and violent hatred of the eyes that bored into him.

“I look forward to a rematch,” said Gorner. “In the very near future. I do not think you will be so fortunate a second time.”

He went to gather his belongings without another word.”

Sebastian Faulks: “Devil May Care” (2008)

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