007 Drink: Dewar’s whisky

007 Drink: Dewar’s whisky

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Drink: Dewar’s whisky
Bond book appearances: Solo (2013)
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Dewar’s is a brand of blended Scotch whisky owned by Bacardi, which claims the brand’s “White Label” to be the top-selling blended Scotch in the US. Dewar’s is also the world’s most awarded blended Scotch whisky with more than 500 medals earned in international competitions. See more here (Wikipedia)

“Thought as much”, M said and took a half-bottle of Dewar’s whisky out of his pocket and placed it on Bond’s bedside table. “I was going to bring grapes and chocolate but I thought you’d prefer this,” M said. “I do hope you won’t get into trouble.”

Bond went into his bathroom and found a tooth-glass. He washed out a teacup and poured a fair-sized dram for them both.

Slangevar“, M said and clinked his glass against Bond’s cup. “Here’s to your speedy recovery.”

Bond took a cautious sip of his whisky. It was the first alcohol he’d drunk since Dahum. He felt its wondrous, comforting warmth bloom and fill his throat and chest.”

“Bond topped up his whisky – M declined. “There was a man called Kobus Breed – a mercenary from Rhodesia,” Bond said. “A psychopath, but a clever one. She was working with him, I now think. Perhaps he killed her.”

William Boyd: “Solo” (2013)

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