In Memoriam: Terry Rawlings and David V. Picker

In Memoriam: Terry Rawlings and David V. Picker

April 24, 2019 0 By 007 Travelers

Terry Rawlings (1933 – 23 April 2019) was a British film editor and sound editor with several BAFTA nominations and one Academy Award nomination. His credits as a sound editor date from 1962–77, after which he was credited primarily as a film editor.

Rawlings did editing for Bond movie “GoldenEye” (1995).

Terry Rawlings

David Victor Picker (14 May, 1931 – 20 April, 2019) was a motion picture executive and producer, working in the film industry for more than forty years. He served as President and Chief Executive Officer for United Artists, Paramount, Lorimar, and Columbia Pictures. He was an independent producer. Picker was a member of the Writers Guild of America East, a member the Producers Guild of America, and he was Chairman Emeritus of the Producers Guild of America East. Picker’s memoir about his career in the film industry, Musts, Maybes and Nevers, was released in 2013.

Picker became chief operating officer and president of United Artists Corporation in 1969. He became CEO in 1970. During his time as president, Picker was responsible for a deal with producers Harry Saltzman and Albert Broccoli for the James Bond series which launched the most successful franchise in cinema history.

David V. Picker

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