In Memoriam: Garry Marshall

In Memoriam: Garry Marshall

July 20, 2016 0 By 007 Travelers

Garry Marshall (13th of November 1934, New York City, New York, USA – 19th of July 2016, Los Angeles, California, USA)

Sad news:

Garry Marshall has passed away on 19th of July 2016, Marshall died at a hospital in Burbank, California, at the age of 81, due to complications from pneumonia after a stroke.

He was an American actor, director, writer, and producer. His notable credits included creating “Happy Days” and its various spinoffs, developing Neil Simon‘s 1965 play “The Odd Couple” for television, and directing “Pretty Woman”, “Runaway Bride”, “Valentine’s Day”, “New Year’s Eve”, “Mother’s Day”, “The Princess Diaries”, and “The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement”.

According to IMDb, he is in “Goldfinger” (1964) as Hoodlum (Uncredited), who was one of the American gangsters gathered to hear about “Operation Grand Slam.”

Garry Marshall
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American gangsters gathered to hear about
“Operation Grand Slam in “Goldfinger
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