007 Author: Charlie Higson

007 Author: Charlie Higson

June 27, 2014 0 By 007 Travelers

Who: Charles Murray “Charlie” Higson
Born: 3 July 1958, Frome, England

Charles Murray “Charlie” Higson is an English actor, comedian, author and former singer. He has also written and produced for television.

In 2004, it was announced that Higson would pen the Young Bond series of James Bond novels, aimed at younger readers and concentrating on the character’s school-days at Eton. Higson was himself educated at Sevenoaks School where he was a contemporary of Jonathan Evans, former Director General of MI5. The first novel, SilverFin, was released on 3 March 2005 in the UK and on 27 April 2005 in the US A second novel, Blood Fever, was released on 5 January 2006 in the UK and 1 June in the US. The third novel, Double or Die, was published on 4 January 2007 having had its title announced the day before. The next, Hurricane Gold, came out in hardcover in the UK in September 2007. In this year he also made a debut performance on the panel show QI. His final Young Bond novel, By Royal Command, was released in hardcover in the UK on 4 September 2008.

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