007 Book location: Paula Vacker’s house / Icebreaker (1983)

007 Book location: Paula Vacker’s house / Icebreaker (1983)

May 27, 2014 0 By 007 Travelers

Bond book: Icebreaker (1983)

Place and location in the book: House at the south-easterly end of the Mannerheimintie, Helsinki, Finland
Actual place and location in the book: House at the south-easterly end of the Mannerheimintie, Helsinki, Finland
What happens here in the book: Bond goes to meet Paula Vacker.
Visited by 007 Travelers: 2014

“For no logical reason, Bond had imagined that Paula would live in a new and shining apartment block. Instead, he found her address to be a house four storeys high, with shuttered windows and fresh green paint.”

“Two curved, half-timbered gables divided the house, which had a single entrance, glass-panelled and unlocked. Just inside the door, a row of metal mailboxes signified who lived where, the personal cards in tiny frames. The hallway and stairs were bare of carpet.”

“Paula lived on the third floor – 3A – and Bond, slipping the buttons on his British Warm, began to make his way up the stairs.”

“Paula lived in an apartment building overlooking the Esplanade Park, at the south-easterly end of the Mannerheimintie. It was a part of the city Bond had never visited before, so his arrival was one of surprise and delight.”

John Gardner: “Icebreaker”

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