007 Book location: US Navy Base in Rota, Spain / Win, Lose or Die (1989)

007 Book location: US Navy Base in Rota, Spain / Win, Lose or Die (1989)

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Bond book: Win, Lose or Die (1989)
Place and location in the book: Naval Station Rota, 11520 Base Naval, Cádiz, Spain
What happens here in the book: Bond visits US Navy Base
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“The US Navy base near Cadiz is a few hours away, but there’s a problem …”

“Do you mean Rota?” The Prime Minister asked.

“Yes I do. Until a year ago, Rota served as a base for the US Navy, especially for its atomic submarines. However, at the request of the Spanish Government, the base was abandoned. Today, it is exclusively owned by Spanish ships, with the exception for the airport in the area, which is used by the US Navy as a gathering point for its men traveling to other European bases. In addition, Rota is reportedly used for other, more sensitive purposes than usual. “

“Captain Bond? He saluted.

“The Same”

“Anything else to tell me, sir?”

“Predator”, Bond snapped back

“Fine, sir. My name’s Carter. Mike Carter, and I’m acting on behalf of Songbird. If you’d like to get in, we have someone waiting for you on the base, sir.”

They drove through the early morning mist, and the rain started up again.

Finally, the American Commander stopped the car by a well-guarded gateway. A black guard stepped forward and scrutinised the laminated card profelled by the Commander, looked at Bond and asked who he was. Commander Carter handed him another piece of paper which, to his amazement, Bond saw had his photograph attached to it.

“Okay.” For the first time the guard saluted, and they drove on.

It was like any other base, apart from an area in the distance which contained two huge communications spheres, made from angled panels, making them look like enourmous white golf-balls. From between them other equipment sprouted – a very tall acrial, and three rotating dishes.

Over to his left, Bond saw another communications ball with some of the panels missing.

“That one not functioning? he asked.

“Hell no.” Carter smiled. “We share this place with the Spanish Navy. That was going to be for them, so we built the sphere, then they couldn’t afford the gizmos that go inside. Tell you what, though, on Hallowe’en we put lights in it and move the panels aroung. It looks great as a pumpkin.

They pulled up outside a low office building which had a marine armed guard at the door.”

John Gardner: “Win, Lose or Die” (1989)

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