007 Book location: The harbor of Viareggio, Italy / COLD (1996)

007 Book location: The harbor of Viareggio, Italy / COLD (1996)

September 26, 2022 0 By 007 Travelers

Bond book: COLD (Cold Fall) (1996)
Place and location in the book: The harbor of Viareggio, Italy
What happens here in the book: Bond and Toni Nicoletti park their boat to the harbor of Viareggio
Visited by 007 Travelers: July 2015

“Lights, I think, Toni called back to him, so they started off again with lights spreading out from the front of the machines, still keeping up a moderately slow pace. Within another fifteen minutes they came to the junction of the canals, turning left and heading towards the port of Viareggio. Ten minutes later the lights of the harbor became visible, together with small craft and the odd seagoing ship anchored within the port.

Nobody challenged them as they moved into the main channel and then out beyond the breakwater, turning right as they drifted towards a narrow beach backed by thick, sweet-smelling trees.”

John Gardner: “COLD” (1996)

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