007 Book location: Quai Wilson, Geneva, Switzerland / Goldfinger (1959)

007 Book location: Quai Wilson, Geneva, Switzerland / Goldfinger (1959)

July 31, 2022 0 By 007 Travelers

Bond book: Goldfinger (1959)
Place and location in the book: Quai Wilson, Geneva, Switzerland
What happens here in the book: Bond visits the office in Quai Wilson
Visited by 007 Travelers: October 2014

“Bond ran down to his car. To hell with her! Now to pick up Goldfinger. Then to the little office on the Quai Wilson. He tuned the Homer and waited a couple of minutes. Goldfinger was close, but moving away. He could either be following the right or the left bank of the lake. From the pitch of the Homer, he was at least a mile outside the town. Which way? To the left towards Lausanne? To the right towards Evian? The DB III was already on the left-hand road. Bond decided to follow its nose. He got moving.”

“Behind the desk there was a reproduction of the Annigoni portrait of the Queen. On the other walls were advertisements for Ferguson tractors and other agricultural machinery. From outside the wide window came the hum of traffic along the Quai Wilson. A steamer hooted. Bond glanced out of the window and watched it ride across the middle distance. It left an enchanted wake across the flawless evening mirror of the lake. Bond looked back into the politely inquiring eyes in the bland, neutral, businessman’s face.”

Ian Fleming: “Goldfinger” (1959)

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