007 Book location: In front of Madonna della Pietà, Cannobio, Italy / Nobody Lives Forever (1986)

Bond book: Nobody Lives Forever (1986)
Place and location in the book: In front of Madonna della Pietà, 2 Via Al Santuario, Cannobio, Italy
What happens here in the book: Bond meets Bond girl Nannie Norrich, who is actually a villainess.
Visited by 007 Travelers: 2015

“Bond nodded, indicating that she should tell him her problem.

‘I’ve an old school friend in Cannobio, just along the coast . . .’

‘Yes, I know Cannobio, a one-horse Italian holiday resort. Picturesque in a touristy kind of way. Not far.’

‘I’m afraid I told her we’d pick her up on our way through. I was meant to meet her last night. She’s waiting at that rather lovely church on the lakeside – the Madonna della Pietà. She’ll be there from noon onwards.’

He had no wish to go into Italy at all, and from what he could recall of the centre of Cannobio, it was the perfect place for a set-up. The lakeside road and the front of the Madonna della Pietà were always busy, for Cannobio was a thriving industrial centre as well as holidaymakers’ paradise. The square in front of the church was ideal territory for one man, or a motorcycle team, to make a kill. Was Sukie, knowingly or not, putting him on the spot?

There was a lot of activity going on around the Madonna della Pietà when they arrived. Standing by a small suitcase, looking supremely elegant, was a very tall young woman with hair the colour of a moonless night, pulled back into a severe bun.”

John Gardner: “Nobody Lives Forever” (1986)

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