007 Book location: Helsinki airport / Icebreaker (1983), Devil May Care (2008)

007 Book location: Helsinki airport / Icebreaker (1983), Devil May Care (2008)

June 26, 2015 0 By 007 Travelers

Bond book: Icebreaker (1983), Devil May Care (2008)
Place and location in the book: Vantaa Airport
Actual place and location: Helsinki Airport, 01531 Vantaa, Finland
What happens here in the book: Bond is searching villain Konrad von Glöda in airport (Icebreaker), Bond waits his plane to take-off towards Paris (Devil May Care)
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“Officially Vantaa Airport is not open until seven in the morning, but there are always people about. At five o’clock it had that look you associate with the sour taste of too many cigarettes, constant coffee, and the, tiredness of waiting for night trains, or planes, anywhere in the world.”

Mika / 007 Travelers

 “The big clock in International Departures stood at two minutes to eight-thirty.”

“Keeping behind as much cover as possible, Bond edged his way past the kiosks, trying to position himself near the passage on the extreme left of the complex which led to passport control and the air-side lounges.

At the far end of this section of the departure area, set in front of high windows, was a coffee shop – separated from the main complex by a low, flimsy trellis barrier covered with imitation flowers. To the left of it, very close to where Bond now stood, was the passport control section, each of its little booths occupied by an official.”

John Gardner: “Icebreaker” 

“Where are you, James?”

“I´m at the Helsinki airport. I´m coming to Paris. The plane leaves after thirty minutes. What do you think, would you like to go to a restaurant tomorrow evening?”

Sebastian Faulks: “Devil May Care” 

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