007 Book location: Disneyland Paris (formerly known as EuroDisney) – Phantom Manor / Never Send Flowers (1993)

Bond bookNever Send Flowers (1993)
Place and location in the book: EuroDisney – Phantom Manor, Marne-Le-Vallee, France
Actual place and locationDisneyland Paris – Phantom Manor, Marne-Le-Vallee, France
What happens here in the book: Bond goes to Phantom Manor as he did in his Disneyland visit in United States also
Visited by 007 Travelers: 2013

“As on his last visit, in the United States, he enjoyed the Phantom Manor as they called it here with its incredible special effects, the ballroom full of twirling ghostly eighteenth-century dancers; the terrible time-wrecked dining-room set for the wedding breakfast that never was, with the hapless bride’s wraith appearing in the room; then another phantom seated, playing the organ; a glass bowl in which a pallid human woman’s head talked endlessly of terrible portents, and the amazing moment on the way out when a mirror showed him seated between a pair of ghastly creatures. It was certainly value for money.”

John Gardner: “Never Send Flowers” 

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