007 Book location: Blenheim Palace / Win, Lose or Die (1989)

007 Book location: Blenheim Palace / Win, Lose or Die (1989)

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Bond book: Win, Lose or Die (1989)
Place and location in the book: Blenheim Palace, Woodstock, England
What happens here in the book: Bond visits Blenheim Palace, before attending a meeting at the Bear hotel, which is nearby.
Visited by 007 Travelers: 2017

“The Palace was designed by Vanbrugh and the magnificent grounds landscaped by Capability Brown. The main Palace doors contain a replica of the intricate locks which once graced the main gates of the city of Warsaw, and these days people travel to see it in its historic context; for one of the great leaders of the twentieth century, Winston Churchill, was not only born in the Palace, but also lies buried in nearby Bladon. Bond had often come here, driving on London from Saturday, spending the day walking in the grounds, simply enjoying the breathtaking views. He remembered one Saturday in October, some years before, standing on the bridge which spans the main lake, and watching the autumn sun draw a golden spear in the water. The spear often returned to him in a dream, as though it was some kind of omen.”

John Gardner: “Win, Lose Or Die” (1989)

“Blenheim and Woodstock are magnets for tourists all over the world, and though the Palace is closed in November, the inordinately beautiful grounds and parkland remain open for part of the day, and now, on the Sunday, with wood-smoke in the air and the paths sprinkled with the gold and red leaves of autumn, Bond once more stood on that same bridge, watching the same red sun, low in the sky, produce a similar effect – a spear of light pointing directly at him. Now, he wondered, if that spear reflected on water was indeed an omen.”

See also 007 Filming location: Palazzo Cadenza, near Rome, (“SPECTRE“, 2015), which was also filmed in Blenheim Palace.

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