Bond girl: Strawberry Fields

Bond girl: Strawberry Fields

February 28, 2015 0 By 007 Travelers
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Bond girl: Strawberry Fields
007 Film: Quantum of Solace (2008)
Actress: Gemma Arterton

Bond connection: Strawberry Fields is an MI6 agent working at the British consulate, stationed in Bolivia. When Bond takes it upon himself to work away from orders, following Dominic Greene to Bolivia, Fields is assigned the job of stopping James Bond, turning him around and putting him back on the first plane back to London.
Waiting for Bond and his ally Rene Mathis at La Paz airport, Fields is quick to assert herself over the British MI6 agent. However, Bond still feels he can take advantage due to her younger age. Shooting down Bond’s sarcasm, Fields threatens to leave Bond in jail over night until their flight back to London the following morning. Bond doesn’t hesitate to argue against Fields’ threats. However, he tells her they still have “all night”.
Getting a taxi to a cheap hostel, Fields informs Bond and Mathis that they are undercover as teachers on sabbatical. Bond demands that she gets back into the taxi, which she does after second thought. Bond then checks the three into the Andean Grand Hotel, a five-star resort in the city center of Bolivia. When paired in a room with Bond, she succumbs to his charms and sleeps with him.
Feeling guilty about sleeping with Bond, Fields tells him she doesn’t think she can ever forgive herself. Working his charms once again and trying to cheer her up, Bond offers to take her to a party Mathis has recently got invites too, the host of which being Dominic Greene. Fields agrees to the offer and the pair travel together.
While at the party, Bond and Fields watch Greene’s environmentally targeted speech and are introduced to the Bolivian Chief of Police, who is secretly a double agent working for the corrupt General Medrano. When Bond leaves Fields with the Chief of Police and Mathis, she keeps a watchful eye on Bond’s movements. Noticing tensions rising between Bond, Camille Montes and Dominic Greene, she decides to confront but as she walks up the stairs she realises she must make a choice: still work to orders and stop Bond from leaving with Camille or help Bond on his quest by allowing him to leave. Choosing the latter, when Greene orders his henchman Elvis to follow Bond and Camille, Fields trips him up down the stairs allowing Bond to flee but drawing attention to herself.

Sometime after leaving the party, Fields clearly knows she is being followed by Greene’s henchmen. After leaving a note at the reception of the hotel for Bond saying ‘Run!’, Fields fate is soon cemented when she is discovered by M lying naked on the bed in the hotel room, covered head to toe in oil. When Bond arrives back, he tells M that the use of oil is misdirection from Greene as he is in fact planning on controlling Bolivia’s water supply. Managing to break free from M’s guards escorting Bond from the premesis, Bond confronts M, telling her Fields showed true bravery and that he demands to see that written in her final report.