Bond girl: Miss Caruso

Bond girl: Miss Caruso

February 16, 2015 0 By 007 Travelers
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Bond girl: Miss Caruso

007 Film: Live and Let Die (1973)
Actress: Madeline Smith

Bond connection: After returning from a recent mission in Rome, Bond romances his Italian contact, only to be awakened by M knocking at his door at 5:47am.

As M explains the situation, Bond attempts to distract him away from the bedroom by making him an espresso. During the briefing M congratulates Bond on his handling of the “Rome affair”, noting that the Italians were most impressed; their only complaint being that one of their agents, a “Miss Caruso” is missing.

As the two men talk in the kitchen, Miss Moneypenny arrives and lets herself in, only to stumble across a half-naked Caruso, who is in the process of retrieving her clothes from the hall floor. Caruso gestures for her to remain silent and proceeds to hide in the hall closet, as the bewildered secretary looks on.

Finishing his coffee, M makes for the closet to retrieve his coat. Covering for Caruso and Bond, an embarrassed Moneypenny quickly fetches the coat for him. As they leave, Moneypenny says a warm goodbye, pausing before adding “Or should I say… ‘ciao, bello’?”.

Crossing to the closet, 007 uses his newly repaired magnetic wristwatch to slide open the door. Taking her in his arms Bond apologizes to Miss Caruso and starts to slowly unzip her dress using the watch.