Bond girl: May Day

Bond girl: May Day

February 28, 2015 0 By 007 Travelers
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Bond girl: May Day

007 Film: A View to a Kill (1985)

Actress: Grace Jones

Bond connection: May Day is the henchwoman and lover of chief villain Max Zorin. She is portrayed as the head of an all-female group of guards for Zorin and the secondary antagonist. She also has superhuman strength; in one scene, she lifts a man over her head with no apparent effort.

She first appears in the film wearing a red nun-like suit when she was trying to steady Zorin’s horse, Pegasus. Early in the film, she kills Bond’s French contact using a poisoned stage prop. Bond then goes on a chase to try to track her down. She first climbs the Eiffel Tower, with Bond in pursuit, and then parachutes from the structure. Bond then tries to follow her in a car, but she eventually gets away.

May Day and Bond next encounter one another at Zorin’s horse farm during his annual thoroughbred sale. May Day then sleeps with Bond but shortly afterwards, she kills Bond’s MI6 companion Sir Godfrey Tibbett while he is taking a Rolls-Royce through a car wash, She also participates in attempting to drown Bond in said car, later kills his CIA contact Chuck Lee, and participates in the murder of Zorin’s stooge at San Francisco City Hall, Howe.

Zorin’s ultimate “business plan” is eventually revealed as an operation to monopolize the American computerchip market. To this purpose, he prepares to flood a mine near Silicon Valley which he is using in his scheme to destroy the region. After in filtrating the mine and learning the details of the plan, Bond and companion Stacey Sutton try to escape, but May Day, Jenny Flex and Pan Ho take up pursuit. Sutton gets away, but when Zorin floods the mine, Bond and May Day are swept away by the floodwaters.

May Day realizes that Zorin abandoned her to die, and she and Bond put aside their differences for the sake of survival. Once the waters start to subside, the two proceed to the fault where Zorin has set a bomb whose detonation would cause a massive earthquake that would lead to the flooding of Silicon Valley. May Day uses her strength to help Bond recover the bomb and put it on a handcar to send it out of the mine. However, the brakes on the car unexpectedly activate, blocking the car, so May Day decides to stay on the car and hold the brakes open. Bond tries to get her to jump and save herself, but she defies him, giving him one last request, “Get Zorin for me!”

As Zorin and his remaining henchmen are sitting in an airship over San Francisco Bay, looking at the culmination of their plan, they suddenly see May Day exiting the mine with the bomb. Upon noticing the blimp, May Day casts Zorin a last defiant stare. The bomb then explodes, killing her; but foiling Zorin’s master plan. Her last request is subsequently fulfilled when Zorin slips off the Golden Gate Bridge in his final confrontation with Bond.