Bond girl: Corinne Dufour

Bond girl: Corinne Dufour

February 27, 2015 0 By 007 Travelers
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Bond girl: Corinne Dufour

007 Film: Moonraker (1979)
Actress: Corinne Cléry

Bond connection: Corinne Dufour is Sir Hugo Drax’s personal pilot and assistant. This young French woman first appears when Bond arrives in Los Angeles to investigate Drax. Corinne is his humble helicopther pilot that collects Bond from Los Angeles International airport, apprising him of general information about the Drax Corporation during the flight. She then escorts Bond to meet Holly Goodhead.

While staying at Drax’s estate, Bond visits Corinne in her bedroom to elicit information, where the sultry brunette is doing her hair and was apparently wainting for him. As she is only an assistant, she knows a very few things but she tells it to 007 after an hesitation and they have sex. While she sleeps naked, Bond leaves to investigate Drax’s study. Corinne wakes up and follows him there to tell him to leave. But she inadvertently reveals where the safe is located and stands by as Bond photographs the documents it contained, very surprised by the informations Bond collects. However, Dufour is very worried, because she knows that if someone sees her with Bond in this study, she would be in big trouble, so she tells Bond to leave again. Unfortunately for her, she is seen by Chang as she leaves the study.

After Bond leaves the estate the following morning Dufour is summoned by Drax while he is out hunting in the grounds. Drax informs Dufour that her employment has been terminated due to her involvement in Bond’s safe breaking the previous night. Corinne vainly try to protest, but she is strictly fired. Then Drax decides to be more cruel toward her and sets his trained hunting dogs onto her. Dufour sees them and begins to run, panic-stricken. The dogs chase her into the forest and the poor Dufour escapes as fast as she can, trying to save her life, but unfortunately for her she is eventually brought down and painfully killed, eaten alive by the vicious dogs. Bond apparently remains unaware of her demise and she is never mentioned again.