Bond girl: Aki

Bond girl: Aki

February 16, 2015 0 By 007 Travelers
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Bond girl: Aki
007 FilmYou Only Live Twice (1967)

Bond connection: Aki is first seen when 007 meets her at a sumo wrestling show. Bond is there to meet a contact who will take him to Mr. Henderson, M‘s recommended contact in Japan. He confirms that Aki is his contact by saying the code words “I love you” to her. Aki takes Bond to meet Henderson in her car. After Henderson is killed during their meeting, Bond attacks and kills one of Henderson’s killers. Taking the man’s place, he is driven to the Osato Chemical Works HQ, where he is discovered by the villains. Aki rescues him, using her skills as a driver, then takes him to meet her boss, Tiger Tanaka.

The next morning, Bond returns to the Osato Chemical Works and meets Blofeld‘s henchman Mr. Osato. Leaving after the meeting, he is pursued by SPECTRE gunmen, from whom Aki rescues him again. The gunmen chase Aki’s car and she leads them out into the countryside, where a SIS helicopter lifts the gunmen’s car off the road with a giant magnet and drops it into the sea. She then takes him to a quayside to investigate a ship he suspects is being used by the villains. When investigating the ship Bond and Aki are attacked by SPECTRE henchmen. Bond tells her to leave and report to Tanaka; Aki refuses to leave Bond at first, but eventually complies.

Aki next appears after Bond is captured and almost killed by Helga Brandt, when she meets with him back at Tanaka’s headquarters, when Bond is about to go on another mission that she cannot accompany him on. By the time Bond returned to the base in Kyoto, Aki was already fully briefed on the plan to disrupt SPECTRE’s plot and she too would be part of Tanaka’s ninja force, although (much to her disappointment) she could not play the part of Bond’s “wife” in the cover operation, she did however help with Bonds ninja training and in his process of “becoming Japanese”.

Shortly after Bond’s arrival at the ninja academy, an assassin stealthily enters the bedroom where Bond and Aki are sleeping together and lowers a thin cord to Bond’s mouth, intending to poison him. At the last moment, Bond turns in his sleep and Aki moves to his position and the poison falls on her lips which she inadvertently swallows. The poison acts quickly, causing Aki great pain; after a few agonized seconds of gasping for breath, she dies.