James Bond gravestone in the Faroe Islands

James Bond gravestone in the Faroe Islands

March 22, 2022 1 By 007 Travelers

James Bond (Daniel Craig) was in the Faroe Islands in “No Time to Die” (2021). But he never returned home. Now the islanders have decided to commemorate him.

See the video below:

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Follow in the footsteps of James Bond on Kalsoy island. You will take in all the breathtaking sceneries used as a filming location in the secret agent’s latest movie “No Time To Die“.

Hear insider behind-the-scenes tales about the film and the story line. You will also view stills from the featured film that bring the scenes and sites in Trøllanes and at Kallur Ligthouse alive

Along the way, you will have plenty of opportunities to take pictures and feel as a true secret spy wandering in untouched nature. You can enjoy your delicious packed lunch just as the filming crew did when on location while surrounded by this unbelievable piece of nature.

Once you are back in the village Trøllanes, you are invited into one of only few houses in the village. This is also the place where the filming crew had their base camp when shooting the James Bond movie in the Faroe Islands. Now you will enjoy a local lamb meal in the same building where the filming crew had their base (vegetarian option available).

Source, photos and video: Guide to Faroe Islands

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