Discover The Faroe Islands: Filming location of “No Time to Die”

Discover The Faroe Islands: Filming location of “No Time to Die”

September 20, 2021 0 By 007 Travelers

One of the most exotic locations of “No Time to Die” (2021) is definitely The Faroe Islands. When movie is out there will be an official Faroe Islands tour in the filming locations of the island.

“Follow in the footsteps of James Bond on Kalsoy island. You will take in all the breathtaking sceneries used as a filming location in the secret agent’s latest movie “No Time to Die“.

This official James Bond Faroe Islands tour will secure you the very best experience up close. From the official local tour guide to a seat in the official tour bus. No worries about bringing a vehicle on the super bussy ferry to Kalsoy island.

Kalsoy Island

All scenes in the Faroe Islands were filmed on Kalsoy island. Your tour guide will take you to the heart of the filming locations to discover the exciting world of 007 James Bond and other onscreen action stars at Kallur Lighthouse and Trøllanes.

The tour begins by the ferry port in Syðradalur on Kalsoy island. Your tour guide will greet you at 10:30am once you disembark the ferry from Klaksvík. As soon as the tour starts and the bus heads up north along the narrow island, you will feel the thrill and excitement.

Your tour guide is also the farmer in Trøllanes. Hear insider behind-the-scenes tales about the film and the story line. You will also view stills from the featured film that bring the scenes and sites in Trøllanes and at Kallur Ligthouse alive.”

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Source and photos: Guide to Faroe Islands

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