Daniel Craig is prepping for shooting next week

Daniel Craig is prepping for shooting next week

June 15, 2019 0 By 007 Travelers

Daniel Craig prepares for shooting next week for “Bond 25“.

007.com posted a photo where 007 is at the gym in Pinewood Studios.

Daniel Craig at the gym in Pinewood Studios

Photo: 007.com

Director Cary Fukunaga posted a picture on Instagram that tells filming of “Bond 25” continues despite challenges that have occurred during the production in last few weeks.

His picture says:
“Big shots (aka A cam 1st Jorge Sanchez) need big slates” #Bond25 Director Cary Fukunaga

Daniel Craig injured his ankle during filming in Jamaica. Read our earlier post about that here: Bond 25 filming will probably be delayed after Daniel Craig injures ankle in Jamaica.

Craig had a surgery after the incident, and he was seen walking with scrutches at John F. Kennedy airport in New York last week.

Daniel Craig in JFK airport in New York

Photo: The Sun

There have been speculations, will that mean another delay for the release date of the film, which should be in April 2020. Director Fugunaga or the production company have not commented anything related to this.

Anyway filming has continued in Norway. This filming was done probably with second unit and stunt people, and without Craig or other main actors. You can read more about that filming here: Bond 25 filming in Norway: Aston Martin is back

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