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23 September
Elements 007: A cinematic James Bond installation in Sölden, Austria

17 September
In Memoriam: SPECTRE Assistant Location Manager Mexico Carlos Muñoz Portal

26 July
007 experience coming to Austria

3 January

22 December:
“Now we know what C stands for.”

15 October:
“Then you’re obviously crazy, Mr…” #SPECTRE

28 September:
Could James Bond REALLY fly a helicopter upside down?

11 September:
Shots of Daniel Craig (James Bond) filming SPECTRE

31 August:
The real story behind James Bond’s Aston Martin

13 August:
The filming of the Rome car chase in SPECTRE

12 August:
Aston Martin DB5 & DB10 1:36 scale models are available as a pair

11 August:
“Well it’s all a matter of perspective” in SPECTRE

07 August:
Oberhauser infographic in SPECTRE

23 June:
007 SPECTRE ensimmäistä kertaa televisiossa Suomessa

13 June:
Blofeld’s helicopter was shot on C Stage at Pinewood Studios

SPECTRE video: Bottoms up

1 June:
VIDEO: SPECTRE enzyme shake

19 May:
SPECTRE inspired napkins

16 May:
Lucia Sciarra (Monica Bellucci) is the most popular SPECTRE lady

12 May:
Blenheim Palace doubled as the location for the SPECTRE meeting in Rome

09 May:
VOTE: Who is your favourite SPECTRE lady

05 May:
SPECTRE: Andrew Scott “Denbigh” Behind the Scenes Movie Interview

23 April:
Bond: Then and now

29 March:
VIDEO: Rolls-Royce Silver Wraith

25 March:
The cars of SPECTRE at Top Marques Monaco

22 March:
SPECTRE has won….

20 March:
VIDEO: Bond confronts Lucia

18 March:
9 New SPECTRE pics

13 March:
VIDEO: Bond and Madeleine in SPECTRE

12 March:
VIDEO: Take a 360º tour of Q’s workshop

10 March:
Moneypenny talks SPECTRE

29 February:
And Oscar goes to … Sam Smith and SPECTRE!

23 February:
SPECTRE DVD / Blu-ray julkaistu Suomessa

16 February:

6 February:
SPECTRE´s Land Rover Defender visits Bond In Motion

2 February:

All 24 lots in the SPECTRE auction revealed

16 January:
SPECTRE actress Brigitte Millar´s interview by 007 Travelers

13 January:
A selection of SPECTRE’s Christoph Waltz front covers from around the world

11 January:
“Writing’s On The Wall” has won the Golden Globe for Best Original Song!

10 January:
Aston Martin DB10 in Harrods window display

8 January:
The women of SPECTRE on the covers of some of the world’s biggest magazines in 2015

7 January:
James Bond gadgets that weren’t used in SPECTRE

5 January:
SPECTRE BLU-RAY/DVD info released


30 December:
Aerobatic Heli Pilot Chuck Aaron Stunt Flying for SPECTRE

26 December:
Radiohead´s SPECTRE theme song

21 December:
The limited edition IMAX poster for SPECTRE

17 December:
Congratulations to Daniel Craig and Sam Smith for their Critics Choice Award nominations

3 December:
The costumes of SPECTRE

1 December:
Bond arrives in Austria in SPECTRE

30 November:
Stunt pics from SPECTRE

26 November:
SPECTRE VEHICLES AT BOND IN MOTION – Bond 24 cars at exhibition

More cast members of SPECTRE

25 November:
SPECTRE / James Bond in Sölden, Austria

24 November:

Madeleine Swann’s dress in SPECTRE

23 November:
SPECTRE travel locations

22 November:
Spectre Opening Title Sequence HD

18 November:

15 November:
SPECTRE B-Roll Behind-The-Scenes Footage

11 November:
SPECTRE photocall in Beijing, China

10 November
THE ASTON MARTIN DB10 TOUR – Cars to go on display round the UK

SPECTRE IN THE RECORD BOOKS – Breaks the record for Largest Film Stunt Explosion

9 November:
James Bond, Q and Tanner with the Aston Martin DB10 in SPECTRE

5 November:
The iconic silver SPECTRE ring is now available

4 November:
SPECTRE “PREMIERE OF THE AMERICAS”, Event held on the Day of the Dead, Mexico City

3 November:
SPECTRE actor Alessandro Bressanello´s interview by 007 Travelers

2 November:
The “Cars of SPECTRE” exhibit opens at Bond in Motion

SPECTRE actor Gjevat Kelmendi´s interview by 007 Travelers

Estrella (Stephanie Sigman) and Bond (Daniel Craig) in disguise in SPECTRE

30 October:
SPECTRE premiere in Finland

29 October:
“SPECTRE” review by 007 Travelers (NO HEAVY SPOILERS)

27 October:
SPECTRE stars on the red carpet

26 October:
The Royal World Premiere SPECTRE 007, watch it here!

New cast members of “SPECTRE”

25 October:
SPECTRE photocall in London

SPECTRE Movie Clip “Train Fight” – Daniel Craig, Dave Bautista

24 October:
SPECTRE film clips “Hotel” and “Control”

Blood, Sweat and Bond: Behind the Scenes of SPECTRE

23 October:
007 Soundtrack: SPECTRE (2015)

21 October:
SPECTRE Heineken Vlog Featurettes 1-4

Official vlog of “SPECTRE” (2015): The music of “SPECTRE”

20 October:
VIDEO: LAST CHANCE to meet Daniel Craig + attend the SPECTRE world premiere!

19 October:
James Bond (Daniel Craig) and Madeleine Swann (Léa Seydoux) in Morocco

15 October:
Track Listings of Spectre: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (Thomas Newman) and World premiere of new Bond score: Spectre by Thomas Newman (SPOILER ALERT)

VIDEO: OMEGA and SPECTRE – Revealing the 007 watch

SPECTRE stars on the cover of the magazines


11 October:

8 October:
“SPECTRE” images of Madeleine Swann, villain Sciarra and Moneypenny

7 October:
Bond is GREAT campaign and Exclusive SPECTRE Vlog

5 October:
Old blue eyes is back – Daniel Craig

Sam Smith: “Writing’s on the Wall” music video from “SPECTRE” published

3 October:
Bring out the 007 in You | Gillette and SPECTRE

Spectre Set Interview – Christoph Waltz, Lea Seydoux and Dave Bautista

2 October:
The final trailer of “SPECTRE” (2015)

1 October:

29 September:
ASTON MARTIN DB10 APPEARANCE: SPECTRE car at Odeon Leicester Square

28 September:
SPECTRE – behind the scenes with Land Rover (2 videos)

27 September:
Matija Matovic Mondi in “SPECTRE” (2015)

Bollinger Spectre Crystal Set 007

26 September:
New James Bond exhibition to open next month in London to celebrate release of SPECTRE

Crockett & Jones shoes in “SPECTRE” – win a collection of James Bond shoes worth over £2000

25 September:
“SPECTRE” title song released

24 September:
Blood, Sweat and Bond: Behind the Scenes of “SPECTRE”

Official “SPECTRE” vlog: The action of “SPECTRE”

21 September:
Daniel Craig VIDEO: Heineken / The Chase

20 September:
Sam Mendes, “SPECTRE” and Empire Magazine + special subscribers’ cover

18 September:
Raymond Lalsing in “SPECTRE”

17 September:
SPECTRE has been selected for this year’s the CTBF Royal Film Performance on Oct 26 Royal Albert Hall

16 September:
“SPECTRE” and maybe the most beautiful villain car ever made (pics and video)

“SPECTRE” (2015) stars with cars (+ VIDEO Jaguar C-X75 | Behind the Scenes at the Jaguar SPECTRE event)

10 September:

Bond Girl VIDEO “Excellent choice, Mr. Bond!” (Official cut)

Three new pieces of #SPECTRE artwork have been released

Joanne Manchester, Jill Buchanan and Nad Abdoolakhan in “SPECTRE” (2015)

8 September:
“SPECTRE” title song performed by…….!

5 September:

3 September:
Check out the latest poster for “SPECTRE”: Daniel Craig listed as co-producer

Daniel Craig features on the cover of Esquire UK this month

29 August:
Romeo Visca in “SPECTRE”

26 August:
“SPECTRE” Aston Martin DB10 on display

24 August:

22 August:

World exclusive images of Daniel Craig in “SPECTRE”

21 August:
Off-duty Bond: Daniel Craig´s casual style

20 August:
Save the new date: “SPECTRE” premiere in Finland

13 August:
Official “SPECTRE” vlog: Bond Women of “SPECTRE”

5 August:
A clapperboard from “SPECTRE” added to the exhibition

4 August:
A ring from “SPECTRE” added to the exhibition

Several new members in “SPECTRE” cast

22 July:
“SPECTRE” official trailer

Meet the ladies of “SPECTRE”

21 July:
Ask Dave Bautista after “SPECTRE” trailer

Stay tuned for “SPECTRE” trailer: 22 July 2015

17 July:

10 July:
Solomon Taiwo Justified in “SPECTRE”

Leila Elbahy in “SPECTRE”

9 July:
“SPECTRE” trailer passed uncut (BBFC)

On set in Morocco with Daniel Craig and Léa Seydoux

8 July:
Daniel Craig interview coming soon – what do you want to ask him?

Mohan Banerji in “SPECTRE”

6 July:
It’s a wrap! “SPECTRE” filming has come to an end

4 July:
M and Moneypenny on “SPECTRE” set

3 July:
Pics of Belle Williams, body/stunt double of Naomie Harris

29 June:
Naomie Harris on “SPECTRE” set on Millenium Bridge, London, England

Léa Seydoux on set at Pinewood Studios

28 June:

Daniel Craig and Léa Seydoux on “SPECTRE” set in Tangier, Morocco and a train video

24 June:
Wai Wong joins “SPECTRE” cast

23 June:
Daniel Craig in Morocco

22 June:
Christoph Waltz in Tangier, Morocco for “SPECTRE”

“SPECTRE” in London. The Finale! Boats and helicopter pics and VIDEO

Morocco “SPECTRE” filming preparation photos, Tangier

21 June:
“SPECTRE” Tangier set for a scene photo

Tangier. Morocco. #SPECTRE

“SPECTRE” filming in Morocco / Hotel in Erfoud?

19 June:
Johnny Lynch joins “SPECTRE” cast

18 June:
“SPECTRE” set on the Pinewood Studios (Galvanised steel tubes)

Daniel Eghan joins “SPECTRE” cast

17 June:
Leona Rogers joins “SPECTRE” cast

16 June:
Steve Barnett joins “SPECTRE” cast

15 June:

Bond stunt double films high-speed chase for “SPECTRE” on the River Thames 

13 June:
“SPECTRE”: In the still of the night

Lasco Atkins joins “SPECTRE” cast

11 June:
Yumiko Hanasaka and Nari Blair-Mangat join “SPECTRE” cast

10 June:
VIDEO: First TV spot of “SPECTRE”

9 June:
Justin Pearson is a stunt double / stunt performer for Rory Kinnear

8 June:
Léa Seydoux and Daniel Craig were spotted on set on the banks of the Thames

“SPECTRE” filming continues, Christoph Waltz (Oberhauser) spotted with several dots scattered across his face

7 June:
Karol Steele joins “SPECTRE” cast

2 June:
Mark Preston joins “SPECTRE” cast

Pete Meads joins “SPECTRE” cast 

1 June:
“SPECTRE” filming around Trafalgar Square, The Mall and Whitehall

30 May:
Daniel Craig and Naomie Harris directed by Sam Mendes in London

27 May:
Gary Fannin joins “SPECTRE” cast

25 May:
Daniel Craig running stairs of Westminster Bridge while filming “SPECTRE” (PICS + VIDEO)


24 May:
“SPECTRE” filming with Ralph Fiennes and Naomie Harris near Westminster Bridge and Big Ben

23 May:
“SPECTRE” filming in Covent Garden, London

Derek Horsham joins “SPECTRE” cast

22 May:
Ian Pead is a stunt double for Andrew Scott

21 May:
Oliver Cantú Lozano joins “SPECTRE” cast

19 May:
Eric Coco and Tim Hammersley join “SPECTRE” cast

18 May:
VIDEO: Daniel Craig takes to the water as he films “SPECTRE” (SPOILER ALERT)

“SPECTRE” filming on the River Thames near Lambeth Bridge (SPOILER ALERT)

12 May:
Roisin Carty is a dialogue coach for Léa Seydoux

9 May:

Daniel Stisen and Eiji Mihara join “SPECTRE” cast

5 May:
“SPECTRE” team returns to Morocco

4 May:
“SPECTRE”:n autot -videoblogi

1 May:
Sneak peek. SPECTRE.

Victor Schefé and Attila G. Kerekes join “SPECTRE” cast

Alex Martin is a new member of “SPECTRE” cast

30 April:
Supercars in new SPECTRE vlog: Rome car chase revealed

29 April:
Third stunt double for Daniel Craig in “SPECTRE” is James Embree

25 April:
Junichi Kajioka joins “SPECTRE” cast

24 April:
Christopher Marsh joins “SPECTRE” cast

23 April:
Daniel Craig was spotted arriving back in London – wheelchair was on standby just in case

22 April:
Nigel Barber, Nicholas Marshall and David Howkins join “SPECTRE” cast

18 April:
Sam Mendes shoots new “SPECTRE” scenes inside London’s iconic City Hall

David Olawale Ayinde and Romulus Hotea join “SPECTRE” cast

14 April:
Kumud Pant and Erick Hayden join “SPECTRE” cast

Daniel Craig returns to filming for Spectre

13 April:
Daniel Craig bid $1,500 for charity to have a special voice mail message

11 April:
Dante Briggins and Tyrone Love join “SPECTRE” cast

9 April:
“SPECTRE” filming at New Airport Palenque, Mexico

Vuksan Rovcanin and Tristan Matthiae join “SPECTRE” cast

8 April:
Dave Bautista on Twitter about where he sits / “Bond Behind The Scenes” – Today Exclusive

7 April:
Rob de Groot, a stunt double for Dave Bautista in “SPECTRE”

5 April:
Daniel Craig flown from Mexico City to New York for surgery on serious knee injury

4 April:
LEGO “Spectre” Teaser Trailer 2015

2 April:
“SPECTRE” production has moved to Chiapas without Daniel Craig

1 April:
VIDEO: “SPECTRE” helicopter fight

31 March:
“SPECTRE” helicopter fight photos

30 March:
VIDEO: James Bond ‘Spectre’ Behind The Scenes With Daniel Craig

Another stunt double for Daniel Craig joins “SPECTRE” crew

29 March:
“SPECTRE” filming continues in Southeast Mexico: Palenque, Chiapas

VIDEO: James Bond and the villain in Mexico City, Mexico / “SPECTRE”

28 March:
“SPECTRE” production still photos released

Mac Pietowski, Alessandro Bressanello and Christopher DeGress join “SPECTRE” cast

“SPECTRE” teaser trailer

27 March:
The “SPECTRE” teaser trailer will be released today!

Daniel Craig and helicopter photos while filming “SPECTRE” in Mexico City, Mexico

26 March:
Matthew Brandon and Pezhmaan Alinia join “SPECTRE” cast

“SPECTRE” explosion photos


25 March:
James Bond images from the filming of “SPECTRE” in Mexico City, Mexico (24 March 2015)

Two new actors join “SPECTRE” cast

24 March:
Michael Glantschnig as Snowboarder in “SPECTRE”

“SPECTRE” photos from Mexico City, Mexico (23 March 2015)

23 March:
VIDEO: “SPECTRE” filming in Mexico City, Mexico 22 March 2015

Martin Ivanov, a stunt driver / stunt driving double for Dave Bautista in “SPECTRE”

“SPECTRE” production thanks the city of Rome

22 March:
Daniel Craig in action! “SPECTRE” in Mexico City, Mexico

Daniel Craig on the balcony in Mexico City, Mexico (filming of “SPECTRE”)

21 March:
Skeleton crew, Mexico City. “SPECTRE”

20 March:
Alan Del Castillo as Groom in “SPECTRE”

Benefits of “SPECTRE” to Mexico City, Mexico

The schedules of “SPECTRE” trailers

19 March:
“SPECTRE” helicopter lands on the Zócalo, Mexico City, Mexico (PHOTOS + VIDEO)

Press conference comments of Michael G. Wilson and Stephanie Sigman, “SPECTRE” including VIDEO

18 March:
“SPECTRE” photocall in Mexico City, Mexico

Meanwhile in Mexico City, Mexico: “SPECTRE” (Opening sequence)

Pete Ford, the stunt double for Jesper Christensen in “SPECTRE”

17 March:
“SPECTRE” teaser poster

16 March:
Construction crew is building “SPECTRE” set in Mexico City, Mexico

Matthew Stirling, the stunt double for Dave Bautista in “SPECTRE”

14 March:
“SPECTRE” material arriving in Mexico City

12 March:
“SPECTRE” helicopter filming in Rome, Italy (photos and video) (SPOILER ALERT)

Emilio Aniba and Lara Parmiani-Williams are new members of “SPECTRE” cast

“SPECTRE” preparations going on in Mexico City, Mexico

11 March:
Off-duty Bond: Daniel Craig

10 March:
Mexican actress Stephanie Sigman as Estrella in “SPECTRE”

9 March:
Gordon Alexander, the stunt double for Daniel Craig in “SPECTRE”

7 March:
Jennifer Brenner, Bern Collaço and Dominic Zwemmer join “SPECTRE”

5 March:
VIDEO: “La corsa lungo il Tevere in 007 “SPECTRE””

Thank you, James Bond!

“SPECTRE” photos: Rome’s River Tiber

4 March:
Five new actors join “SPECTRE”

27 February:
Daniel Craig suffers another injury on set

26 February:
New behind-the-scenes footage of “SPECTRE” with Sam Mendes

Empire Magazine: The World´s first look at “SPECTRE”

“SPECTRE” car pics from Rome, Italy

25 February:
“SPECTRE” funeral scene details

Arrivederci, Daniel Craig

24 February:

“SPECTRE” night filming photos from Rome, Italy (SPOILER ALERT)

Cobblestones vs. Bond

23 February:
Dave Bautista in Rome, Italy

VIDEO: Filming “SPECTRE” funeral scene in Rome, Italy (SPOILER ALERT)

More “SPECTRE” filming pics from Rome, Italy

22 February:
VIDEO: Rome shooting Colosseo

21 February:
Stylish Bond and special Aston Martin DB10

Daniel Craig filming car scenes of “SPECTRE” near Colosseum, Rome, Italy

20 February:
“SPECTRE” car chase photos in Rome, Italy

19 February:
Daniel Craig, Monica Bellucci and Christoph Waltz having dinner at Piazza del Popolo

“SPECTRE” funeral scene photos in Rome, Italy

18 February:
“SPECTRE” Photocall in Rome, Italy

13 February:
“SPECTRE” filming plans at an ancient cemetery stopped by monks in Rome

VIDEO: “SPECTRE” On location Blenheim Palace 11 February 2015 

12 February:
VIDEO: First official behind the scenes footage of “SPECTRE” (SPOILER ALERT)

Yes, it is official now! “SPECTRE” and Bond at Blenheim Palace

11 February:
“SPECTRE” crew spotted at Blenheim Palace

VIDEO: “Bonding at Blenheim Palace”

Filming at Blenheim Palace and Jaguar C-X75 on set (SPOILER ALERT)

10 February:
VIDEO: Frosty winter morning at Blenheim Palace

9 February:
Williams team and Jaguar C-X75 in “SPECTRE”

The cars of “SPECTRE”

Bodo Friesecke joins “SPECTRE” family

Expensive cars and 007 crew minibus at Blenheim Palace, UK 

8 February:
Blenheim Palace doubling for Roman car stunts in “SPECTRE”? (SPOILER ALERT)

“SPECTRE” filming starting on the second half of March 2015 in Mexico

Daniel Craig is back filming “SPECTRE”

Covering all angles in “SPECTRE”

Marc Zinga joins “SPECTRE”

6 February:
Daniel Craig has been injured on the set at Pinewood Studios while filming “SPECTRE”

VIDEO: Behind the scenes / “SPECTRE” filming in Tyrol, Austria (SPOILER ALERT)

5 February:
Fill in an application for “SPECTRE” casting extras, Mexico City, Mexico

“SPECTRE” action pics from Kartitsch, Austria (SPOILER ALERT)

1 February:
The conditions of “SPECTRE” locations in Rome at the moment (SPOILER ALERT)

Omega unveils the next official 007 watch for “SPECTRE”

“SPECTRE” chase sequence and Day of the Dead festival in Mexico City, Mexico

30 January:
“SPECTRE” nosediving aircraft photos from Obertilliach, Austria (SPOILER ALERT)

Neve Gachev: Clinic Patron in “SPECTRE” (2015)

Casting extras for “SPECTRE” in Mexico City, Mexico

27 January:
Brigitte Millar as villain in “SPECTRE”

25 January:
German actor Detlef Bothe in “SPECTRE”

“SPECTRE” problems in Rome continue

24 January:
Gemita Samarra, “SPECTRE” Stunt Double for Léa Seydoux / Madeleine Swann

22 January:

From Sölden to Q Stage. “SPECTRE”

20 January:
Casting in Rome for “SPECTRE”

15 January:
VIDEO: “SPECTRE”, Obertilliach 15 January 2015

Welcome back, Mr. Bond! (SPOILER ALERT)

14 January:
“SPECTRE” preparations continue in Obertilliach, Austria (SPOILER ALERT)

13 January:
VIDEO: A large house was built to be destroyed in Obertilliach, Austria

12 January:
“SPECTRE” filming locations and details in Rome, Italy (SPOILER ALERT)

Olivier Schneider is fight choreographer in “SPECTRE”

9 January:
“Mrs Bond” Rachel Weisz with Daniel Craig in Austria

The “SPECTRE” production will use a cable car in Sölden, Austria

Daniel Craig´s style: Studded safety boots

“SPECTRE” stunts not allowed near Four Fountains (The Quattro Fontane) in Rome, Italy?

8 January:
“SPECTRE” (2015) filming schedule in Austria

7 January:
VIDEO: “SPECTRE” (2015) filming location in Sölden, Austria

Daniel Craig, Léa Seydoux and Dave Bautista in Sölden, Tirol (Austria)

Behind the scenes photos in Altaussee, Austria

“SPECTRE” crew to Sölden, Austria

6 January:
VIDEO: Daniel Craig in Altaussee, Austria

Summary of “SPECTRE” shootings in Altaussee on 6th of January 2015

Daniel Craig with his fans in Altaussee, Austria

5 January:
Summary of “SPECTRE” shootings in Altaussee on 5th of January 2015

Will they say “ACTION!” today?

4 January:
Daniel Craig and “the mysterious Bond girl” have arrived in Altaussee, Austria

Daniel Craig and the “SPECTRE” crew in Hotel Seevilla, Altaussee, Austria


29 December:
Daniel Kleinman will direct the title sequence in “SPECTRE”

Bond will wear Tom Ford suits in “SPECTRE”

23 December:
Sound of Aston Martin DB10´s engine / “SPECTRE”

16 December:
Bond villain´s car: Jaguar C-X75 in “SPECTRE”

Agent alarm in Ladbroke Gardens in London´s Notting Hill, SPECTRE shootings continue

15 December:
Daniel Craig filming “SPECTRE” on the River Thames, London

14 December:

13 December:
Agent alarm in the Alps! “SPECTRE” shooting continues

11 December:
“SPECTRE” filming preparations in Obertilliach (incl. video)

8 December:
Principal photography of “SPECTRE” started

6 December:
“SPECTRE” Sölden, Austria filming locations updates

5 December:
The return of Jesper Christensen’s Mr. White

4 December:
New member of MI6 family in “SPECTRE”: Andrew Scott as Denbigh

New Bond girl: Monica Bellucci as “Lucia Sciarra”

New Bond car for “SPECTRE” movie: Aston Martin DB10

“Bond 24” is “SPECTRE”

30 November:
Will Range Rover Sport car be seen in “Bond 24”?

28 November:
Jany Temime is Costume Designer in “Bond 24”

26 November:
007 skiing in Sölden

25 November:
“Bond 24” filming location and shooting updates: Filming in Rome in February and March 2015

23 November:
Blofeld is Back!

14 November:
Christoph Waltz, a new Bond villain in “Bond 24”

9 November:
Jez Butterworth has done some polishing to “Bond 24” script

25 October:
“Bond 24” team is looking for 150 crew members

22 October:
Academy Award winner Chris Corbould back as Special effects supervisor in “Bond 24″’

13 October:
Australian Lee Smith will be Film Editor of “Bond 24”

13 October:
Dave Bautista to be Hinx in “Bond 24”?

10 October:
Léa Seydoux cast to play “femme fatale” in “Bond 24”

25 September:
Per Hallberg is back

24 September:
New filming locations in England? Small role for you in “Bond 24”?

17 September:
Hoyte van Hoytema joins the “Bond 24” crew

14 September:
“Bond 24” filming starts!

23 August:
Bond villain role

21 August:
“Bond 24” location rumours: Obertilliach, Austria and Rome, Italy

1 July:
Alexander Witt is 2nd unit Director of Photography in “Bond 24”