007 Travelers met SPECTRE A ROMA author Marco Donna

007 Travelers met SPECTRE A ROMA author Marco Donna

September 15, 2015 0 By 007 Travelers

DelosDigital, 2015
By Marco Donna
Available for Kindle (Amazon), epub (all book readers, iPhone, Android,…)
From: 15 September 2015
Price: 2,99 EUR

007 Travelers is also mentioned in this book!

James Bond is back in Italy and this guide will take you to his Roman locations.It is the opportunity for seeing the sights as if we were accompanied by Monica Bellucci and Peppe Lanzetta, the two Italian actors of “SPECTRE” (2015), the latest adventure of 007. It also contains an interview with Roberto Malerba, The line producer of the movie, the dossier “SPECTRE” and the list of other Bond locations in Italy and in the World.


SPECTRE“, the latest adventure of 007, will be a very Italian film because of the choice of Monica Bellucci and Peppe Lanzetta as actors and the scenes filmed in Rome. For those who could not wait for its release in November, an interesting travel guide suggests original and very Bond-Style itineraries to visit Rome.

For decades, the production of the film series of 007 is preceded by spasmodic media attention. The rumors about the cast, the wait for the bond girls, curiosity about what they are going to drink and what are they going to drive, the world’s most famous secret agent fills the pages of newspapers and magazines around the world.

Daniel Craig´s era has increased attention in the Italian media for the numerous incursions in the beautiful country. In November, the film will show how this tradition will be retained. For those who are not able to wait, an interesting travel guide has been published in Italy and it can suggest original itineraries to visit Rome: SPECTRE A ROMA by Marco Donna

(Delos Digital).

The author has already dealt with the topic in the past, telling all Italian locations of James Bond in the book DALL’ITALIA CON AMORE (Edizioni del Faro, 2012) This could be the sequel. It has been a difficult year for Rome, overwhelmed by scandals and difficulties and days on which the crew invaded the city are remembered as a carefree time, a way of

salvation from serious matters that dirtied and humiliated it.

As the author says, “only a superhero could save the capital” and James Bond came at the right time. Driving us back to those fun days and those nights around the capital in search of the bright lights, bellavita and grande bellezza.There are the places where they filmed scenes of the film; the author also interviewed Roberto Malerba, the line producer of “SPECTRE” who told anecdotes and emotions of the Italian production.

Furthermore, as an expert of the subject, Marco Donna shows us the previous visits of James Bond in Rome and tells the story of intrigue and secrets of “SPECTRE” and how he undermined the health of Ian Fleming, the creator of 007.

Whether you are fans of the saga of the British agent or simply want to find out interesting facts about the capital, this guide offers an interesting and original perspective.

The eBook format will allow you to take it with you easily on your smartphone or Kindle, while walking the streets of the Eternal City that will remain forever, despite the politicians
and the Mafia and thanks its superheroes.

More info: http://spectre.marcodonna.it
The publisher: http://www.delosstore.it/ebook/48446/spectre-a-roma/

007 Travelers met Marco Donna in Milan, Italy on 24th of July 2015 and had dinner with him in Ristorante Giannino, which is a Bond location in John Pearson´s Bond book “James Bond, the Authorized Biography of 007” (1973). When that Bond book was published it was located at Via Sciesa, but is now located at Via Vittor Pisani, 6.

007 Travelers with Marco Donna

Marco Donna (left) and Mika (right)
with Marco Donna´s earlier Bond book “DALL’ITALIA CON AMORE” (2012)