Mika is the Founder & Editor @ 007 Travelers.

Pirita and Mika, Finland´s first and only James Bond bloggers, travel around the world, searching for 007 filming locations and places from Bond books, introducing 007 hotels and 007 restaurants, collecting 007 stuff and exploring interesting tourist attractions of Bond cities since 2010. We provide also the latest Bond news. Ask for our travel recommendations!



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Information and questions: info@007travelers.com

Media and interview requests: media@007travelers.com

Co-operation, hotel & restaurant introductions and event booking: book@007travelers.com

2 Replies to “Mika”

  1. Bond is British, so you ought to spell “007travellers”, with two l’s. “Travelers” is merely dialectal.

    1. Hi Jarmo,

      Good point, that’s true. That was the name we were thinking in the beginning, but then we noticed that there are already 007 Traveller travel agency and 007 Travellers hostel, so we decided to keep one l. And we didn’t want to let go the name that describes us the best.

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