007 Travelers mentioned on Compass Rose´s website

007 Travelers mentioned on Compass Rose´s website

October 11, 2015 0 By 007 Travelers

007 Travelers mentioned on Compass Rose´s website.

“Someone who loves a bit of steak is of course Mr Bond, and all things 007 continue to make the news with the arrival of the Sam Smith theme tune this week (what do you think? A bit of a mournful moan imo). I mentioned Ian Fleming: A Personal Memoir by Robert Harling (hb, £20.00 978 1849549356) coming from Robson Press a couple of weeks ago; and don’t forget about The Bluffer’s Guide to Bond (pb, 978 1909365049, £6.99) when you are assembling your 007 display. This is a compendium of all the known facts about Bond; the man, likes, dislikes, tastes in food and drink, the films, which book or short story they came from, as well as the post Fleming authors. Plus, of course, an enormous amount of brilliant Bond trivia! As one critic says: “After reading through this you are going to know a lot more about Bond than anyone you are likely to be discussing him with and, as importantly, this is really quite a fun read.”

“This essential Bluffer’s title has just been reviewed in Finnish (!)  by 007 Travelers which is a hilarious  blog written by Pirita and Mika, who travel around the world searching for 007 filming locations and places from Bond books, 007 hotels and 007 restaurants – and indeed anything Bond related. Now THAT’S the job I want! Find them on Twitter @007travelers and at www.007travelers.blogspot.com

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