007 Competition

007 Competition

April 11, 2014 0 By 007 Travelers



This is your change to win Dr. No Ultimate Edition 2-Disc DVD set with info booklet, just answer the questions!

Exploring this website may help you 😉

Click this article link in Blog archive tree and enter your comment there and click “Publish” in order to answer the questions.
Your answers won´t be visible to others and correct answers will be published when the competition time´s up.
Mention your name or nick with e-mail.
(Update: 14th April 2014: There has been some problems of sending answers. You can also use email agenttimatkaaja@gmail.com address if you face any problems)
We will contact the winner after the competition.

Competition ends: 1st of May 2014.

….and it starts…….right now!

DVD technical details:
Ultimate picture: Frame-by-Frame Digital Restoration
Superior Sound: All New DTS 5.1 Audio
The Best Collection of Special Features Ever Assembled for Bond
Subtitles: Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Finnish, Dutch, Greek, English, Hindi


1. Which country’s representative dies in “Live And Let Die”‘s opening sequence?
2. How many miniatures we have in our 007 VEHICLES collection from movie “Dr. No”?
3. Which is the room number where 007 Travelers stayed in Le Parker Meridien hotel in New York?
4. How many Bond films Sean Connery did?
5. What is the first name of Roger Moore’s daughter who is an air hostess in film “Die Another Day”?
6. Allegedly, how the movie “Never Say Never Again” got its name?
7. What is the Bond connection of Hotel Le Negresco?
8. Our blog, which is the section you like the most?

Good luck!