007 Competition answers and the winner

007 Competition answers and the winner

May 2, 2014 0 By 007 Travelers

Questions were:

1. Which country’s representative dies in “Live And Let Die”‘s opening sequence?
2. How many miniatures we have in our 007 VEHICLES collection from movie “Dr. No”?
3. Which is the room number where 007 Travelers stayed in Le Parker Meridien hotel in New York?
4. How many Bond films Sean Connery did?
5. What is the first name of Roger Moore’s daughter who is an air hostess in film “Die Another Day”?
6. Allegedly, how the movie “Never Say Never Again” got its name?
7. What is the Bond connection of Hotel Le Negresco?
8. Our blog, which is the section you like the most?

Correct answers are:

1. Representative of United Kingdom
2. Two
3. 2707
4. Seven, six official ones and one unofficial (“Never Say Never Again”)
5. Deborah
6. The title of the movie is (allegedly) based on a conversation between Sean Connery and his wife. After “Diamonds Are Forever”, 12 years earlier, he told her he’d *never* play James Bond again, and there he was, playing James Bond again. Her response was for him to *never say never again*.
7. James Bond has stayed there in John Gardner book “Licence Renewed” and ate there in same author’s book ““Role of Honour”.
8. We appreciate every opinion of our readers and followers…

Winner’s comment: “Latent madness of videos, which is banal and full of genius at the same time. Art that is.

And the winner of Dr. No Ultimate Edition 2-Disc DVD set with info booklet is: Uljas Paarma, who answered all questions correctly.


The winner will be contacted directly.