007 Food: Une noisette and Americano drink

007 Food: Une noisette and Americano drink

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Food: Une noisette and Americano drink
Bond book appearanceForever and a Day (2018). Bond eats such a meal at Cafe Le Papet at Aubegne train station in France twenty past ten while waiting for Monique de Troyes and drinks Americano when she arrives.
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“James Bond was sitting at a table just opposite with a view of the station clock that both told him how much time had passed and taunted him with the suggestion that Monique might not, after all, show up. The inside of the bar was a small, unassuming room, packed with tables and, on Saturday morning, with customers. However, it had spread itself out with a canopy that stole a large stretch of the pavement and this area was quieter. Bond had ordered une noisette – two shots of espresso with a drop of hot milk – and a croissant that he didn’t really want. He had spent the last hour pulling it apart but had eaten very little of it. He had also smoked two Du Mauriers although they had reminded him of Sixtine’s jibe. He thought of their meeting in the garden, his lips crushing hers. He was a little disgusted with himself. Why wouldn’t he get her out of his head?”

“The clock was showing twenty past ten when Monique finally appeared, crossing the road without the shopping basket she had been carried earlier. There was a brisk determination about the way she walked, as if she were on her way to an appointment with the dentist and thought that it would hurt less if she got it over with soon as possible. She saw Bond and sat down opposite him. You forced me to come here, they seemed to say. What do I have to do to persuade you to let me go?
“Can I get you a drink?, Bond asked.
“No, thank you.”
“Don’t be ridiculous. It’s a hot day and you’ve been shopping.” He called to the waiter. “I’ll have an Americano,” he said. “With a plenty of ice.”
“And for madame?”
She hesitated, then relented. “”Un orange pressé.”

“The waiter arrived with drinks, Bond’s Americano – a mixture of Campari, sweet vermouth and soda – was the right colour but he took out the twist of lemon peel and set it aside. It was too early in the day for such fancies. Monique had ordered fresh orange juice but seemed uninterested in it.”

Anthony Horowitz: “Forever and a Day” (2018)

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