007 Food: Steak and fries

007 Food: Steak and fries

June 17, 2022 0 By 007 Travelers

Food: Steak and fries
Bond book appearance: Trigger Mortis (2015). Bond eats this kind of meal at a place called Lucie’s in Salisbury, USA.
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“After his meeting with Calhoun, Bond went back to the motel where he was staying and made a phone call to the local police station. He was interested in Thomas Keller and wanted to know more. He arranged to meet an officer later that evening and went out to have an early supper of steak and fries in a nearby diner – a chilly little place called Lucie’s. The waitress poured him coffee, which he didn’t ask for and didn’t drink. American coffee, the standby of every diner, was barely more than brown water as far as Bond was concerned. But the food was good and after a cigarrette – Chesterfield, which made him think briefly, which made him think briefly of Pussy Galore – he paid and left. The car he had rented was parked outside. He checked the map, then drove up to Salisbury.”

Anthony Horowitz: “Trigger Mortis” (2015)

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