007 Food: Soup followed by spicy German sausage

Food: Soup followed by spicy German sausage.

Bond book appearance: By Royal Command (2008).

Bond eats this lunch in Kitzbühel, Austria with his ski instructor Hannes Oberhauser.

Experience of 007 Travelers: Self-made

“Lunch was soup followed by spicy German sausage with bread and cheese, taken on benches outside a chalet restaurant that sat to one side of the slope. James realized just how tiring the morning had been. There were aches and strains all over his body, and his knees and ankles felt as if they had been kicked by a mule. His boots were caked with snow, and sat like heavy blocks of ice round his feet. He had to stamp some feeling back into his toes. But the food restored his energy and by the time they returned to the slope he was raring to go again.”

Charlie Higson: “By Royal Command” (2008)

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