007 Food: Scrambled eggs, orange juice and vanilla yogurt

Food: Scrambled eggs, orange juice and vanilla yogurt

Bond book appearance: Blast from the Past (1997)

Experience of 007 Travelers: Self-made

“James Bond gazed out the hospital window, enjoying another bright and sunny Manhattan spring day. His legs would be in a cast for the next few weeks. He had been in surgery for two hours the previous night. A pin had to be inserted to reinforce 007´s broken fibula. He had no memory of the trip to the emergency room. Bond vaguely recalled the recovery room and a pretty nurse with a pleasant voice. He had been awake for just a few minutes, then drifted away for several hours. It was now late afternoon of the following day, and the grogginess was finally fading. He had eaten a half-portion of bland, intolerable scrambled eggs, drank a little tepid orange juice and picked at a cup of runny vanilla yogurt. Much to his surprise, the miserable meal had given him back some energy. He would have liked to stand up and walk around, but he had no crutches yet.”

Raymond Benson: “Blast from the Past” (1997)

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