007 Food: Pilchards, beans, tomatoes, peas, peaches, pear halves

Food: Pilchards, beans, tomatoes, peas, peaches, pear halves

Bond book appearance: Young Bond: Double or Die (2007)

Experience of 007 Travelers: Self-made

“James felt like he was becoming an old hand at finding his way around ships and he set off with some confidence. The Empress was much larger than the Amoras, however, and in the candlelight it was quite confusing. It was a good half an hour before they found the galley, a huge, industrial affair, designed to cook meals for a thousand people at a time.

It had been stripped clean, though. The cupboards were bare, the cold-storage areas empty and mouldy. Some of the stoves had already been dismantled and taken away. They were just about to give up hope, when Kelly forced open a locker and found a pile of forgotten tin cans.

‘Look at this,’ she said. ‘Pilchards, beans, tomatoes, peas, peaches, pear halves. We can have a right royal feast.’

James opened some cans with his knife and they set to, sitting on a worktop with their legs dangling over the edge. The food was cold and tasteless, but James didn’t care. He couldn’t remember when he had ever been so hungry. Or so thirsty. He drank the liquid from the fruit tins as greedily as if it had been mountain spring water. “

Charlie Higson: “Double or Die” (2007)

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