007 Food: “Midsummer Night’s Doom” dinner

007 Food: “Midsummer Night’s Doom” dinner

September 30, 2022 0 By 007 Travelers

Food: “Midsummer Night’s Doom” dinner
Bond book appearance: Midsummer Night’s Doom (1999). Bond eats this kind of dinner at Playboy Mansion in Los Angeles, USA
Experience of 007 Travelers: At home

“The buffet spread was the piece de resistance of the party. Cubes of fruit varieties formed a three foot tall pyramid, cascading down mirrored blocks into a river of colours on the table. There were five special salads of Middle Eastern cuisine. Dinner consisted of roasted crown of lamb; grilled skewered swordfish marinated in lemon juice, olive oil and bay leaves; grilled kebabs of tomato wedges and three-colour bell peppers; Musakka’a made traditionally with extra-lean ground beef and lamb, eggplant, tomato and cheese; and a saffron-scented pilav.”

Raymond Benson: “Midsummer Night’s Doom” (1999)

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