007 Food: Eggs, smoked salmon and coffee

007 Food: Eggs, smoked salmon and coffee

August 23, 2020 0 By 007 Travelers

Food: Eggs, smoked salmon and coffee.

Bond book appearance: Devil May Care (2008).

Bond eats this breakfast in Leningrad at the Literaturnaya Cafe on the Nevsky Prospekt with Bond girl Scarlett Papava.

Experience of 007 Travelers: Self-made

“‘We’re nearly there, we’re nearly there, my darling. Breakfast in Leningrad at the Literaturnaya Cafe’ on the Nevsky Prospekt. My father used to tell me about it. We’ll have eggs with smoked salmon and coffee. Then a boat. Helsinki. And then Paris.’ “

“It was only a short walk from the Moscow station to the Nevsky Prospekt, and when they had breakfasted, Bond set about raising more money while Scarlett went to the docks. They had a rendezvous behind the Pushkin Theatre at one o’clock. Bond, rather to his shame, slipped a knitted balaclava from a market stall into his pocket and wore it while he removed a quantity of money at gunpoint from a van delivering cash before opening time to a bank on a quiet street off Moskovsky Prospekt. At least the security guard had been stupefied enough by the sight of the Luger to offer no struggle, and Bond had been able to put a good distance between himself and the scene before he heard a police siren. He threw the balaclava into a bin, put on the ‘maths teacher’ straw hat from GUM and made himself as inconspicuous as he could in a municipal park near the Neva river. When he was reunited with Scarlett, her news was mixed. She looked anxious. ‘I found a man,’ she said. “

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