007 Food: Cold American beer, a dry martini, Beluga caviar and iced neat vodka

007 Food: Cold American beer, a dry martini, Beluga caviar and iced neat vodka

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Food: Cold American beer, a dry martini, Beluga caviar and iced neat vodka
Bond book appearance: Devil May Care (2008). Bond eats this kind of meal in Tehran, Persia (Iran nowadays)
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“Relax,” he said. “Enjoy the garden. It’s good to be cool at last, isn’t it? I normally take a beer before cocktails, just to wash away the city dust. The beer’s pretty filthy, imported American, but it’ll give you something to do while I mix you a proper drink. And it’s very, very cold.”

Cold American beer

He rang a small brass bell on the table, and a young man in traditional Persian dress emerged from the dusk of the terrace. “Babak,” said Darius. He clapped his hands. “We have a guest. Let’s move.” The young man gave a short salaam and a wide smile as he scurried off. A few seconds later Bond held an icy beer in his left hand. Behind him, a row of tall cypress trees gave privacy to Darius’s garden, and in front of them were innumerable roses, mostly black and yellow, so far as Bond could make out by the light of the torches in the lawn. Round the rectangular pond were mosaic tiles in intricate patterns.

“Gardens mean a lot to us here,” said Darius, following Bond’s eyes. “Water is almost like a god to us in such a dry country. Listen. You can hear our little waterfall at the end of the lawn. I designed it myself and had it made by a craftsman from Isfahan whose grandfather worked on one of the mosques. Would you like a dry martini, vodka and tonic, or Scotch whisky and soda?”

Bond opted for the martini and watched as Darius shook the ingredients in the silver shaker. He nodded his approval over the rim of the glass: the ice had fiercely chilled the liquor without diluting it.

Dry martini

“Now,” said Darius, “you’d better tell me how I can help you.”

As Babak returned with a silver dish of caviar, Bond told Darius what he knew of Julius Gorner. He had trusted Darius from the first moment and his instinct in such things was seldom wrong. He also knew that Darius had been head of the Tehran station for twenty years and was well regarded by M. Darius spooned a large dollop of caviar–equivalent in size to a small plum–on to one of the delicate plates and squeezed lime juice over it. With a quick movement of his hands, using a small piece of flatbread, he transferred the whole plateful to his mouth, following it with a long pull of iced neat vodka.

Caviar, a small piece of flatbread, lime juice and vodka

“Terribly Russian of me, I know,” he smiled, “but it’s how I like it best. It’s not bad, this Beluga, is it?” He bent his nose to the plate. “It should smell of the sea but never of fish.”

Sebastian Faulks: “Devil May Care” (2008)

Beluga caviar

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