007 Food: Bond’s breakfast: Scrambled eggs and coffee

007 Food: Bond’s breakfast: Scrambled eggs and coffee

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Food: Bond’s breakfast: Scrambled eggs and coffee

Bond book appearance: Young Bond: Double Or Die (2007)

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He frowned and sighed. ‘Where have you been, James?’ he said kindly. ‘I’ve been worried sick.’

‘It’s a long story,’ said James, sitting down by the range. He pulled off his shoes and pressed his feet against one of its warm, metal doors. ‘And I need some food inside me and a cup of strong coffee before I can start it.’

‘I propose scrambled eggs,’ said Perry. ‘Not least because it’s the only thing I can cook.’

Perry put a jug of coffee on to heat up, placed two slices of bread under a grill, then found some eggs and began to noisily whisk them in a bowl. James watched hungrily as Perry tossed the eggs in a pan with some melted butter and stirred them till they were ready. A sudden thought struck him and he began to laugh.

‘What’s so amusing?’ said Perry.

‘Scrambled eggs,’ said James.

‘What about them?’

‘It’s the answer to a crossword clue.’

‘What do you m-mean?’ said Perry. ‘What was the clue?’

‘The one I asked the fake Gordius to solve at the Crossword Society meeting,’ said James. ‘It was simply the letters “GSGE”. It’s a sort of riddle and I’ve just worked out the answer. It’s “Scrambled Eggs”.’ ‘I don’t get it,’ said Perry. ‘It’s the word “eggs” all scrambled up,’ said James.

‘It’s all beyond m-me,’ said Perry as he put the toasted bread on a plate and scraped the eggs on to it.

James sat at the table and ate slowly and steadily until every last scrap of food was gone from his plate. At last he sat back with a great sigh and wiped his lips. ‘That was the best meal I have ever eaten,’ he said.

Perry smiled and passed James a mug of coffee. ‘Now, your side of the bargain,’ he said. ‘I can wait no longer.’

And so James told his story, from finding Peterson dead in his study, through the car chase across Cambridgeshire, to waking up in the hospital. For once Perry was silent, listening intently. It was only when James finished, with his arrival on Perry’s doorstep, that he finally spoke up.

Charlie Higson: Young Bond: Double Or Die (2007)

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