007 Food: Black coffee and an omelette

007 Food: Black coffee and an omelette

June 7, 2020 0 By 007 Travelers

Food: Black coffee and an omelette. Bond’s breakfast at hotel in Tehran, Iran

Bond book appearance: Devil May Care (2008)

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“Breakfast was brought to Bond’s room at eight the next morning, although he had placed no order. It consisted of tea without milk, a rectangle of sheep’s cheese with herbs and a slab of flatbread that looked like the bathmat in the next room. He told the waiter to take it away and try again. After two tense telephone calls, he eventually managed to extract some black coffee and an omelette from the kitchen, which he consumed while he glanced through the Herald Tribune, sitting at his window overlooked by Mount Demavend.”

Sebastian Faulks: “Devil May Care” (2008)

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