007 Food: A steak sandwich with eggs sunny-side up

007 Food: A steak sandwich with eggs sunny-side up

April 22, 2022 0 By 007 Travelers

Food: A steak sandwich with eggs sunny-side up
Bond book appearance: Shoot to Kill (2014). Bond eats this kind of dinner at Hollywood Plaza Hotel’s Klemtner’s Blue Plate Cafe in Los Angeles, USA
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“James ordered a steak sandwich with eggs. The eggs proved less straightforward than he’s imagined; they were offered to him sunny-side up, over-easy, over-medium, over-well, hard or overcooked. He chose the first option because it was the only one he could remember, and was somewhat disappointed to find they were simply fried. Booty opted for lobster Newburg; she stirred the creamy concoction distractedly around her bowl. Gillian ordered a crabmeat salad while Dan and Hugo both opted for the veal scaloppine with brown butter and capers. Dan had brightened somewhat, basking in his special relationship with the provider of their feast, perhaps.

As for Sloman, he ordered the most expensive dish on the menu, the filet mignon jardiniére – or, “the daintiest part of the waitress helpfully explained to the table. Sloman chuckled at that, said he would use that line sometime. He ordered a martini for himself and lime rickeys for everyone else – a refreshingly sharp combination of lime juice, sugar syrup and club soda over ice.

Steve Cole: “Shoot to Kill” (2014)

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