007 Food: A bowl of chile con queso and the enchiladas

Food: A bowl of chile con queso and the enchiladas
Bond book appearance: The Facts of Death (1998)
Experience of 007 Travelers: Self-made

“The menu featured a variety of Tex-Mex specialties. Leiter and Manuela ordered fajitas for two. The recommended that Bond try either the fajitas or the enchiladas. He chose the latter. As an appetizer, they shared a bowl of chile con queso – a hot cheese dip made from cheddar and American cheeses, red peppers, and roasted tomatoes. When the food arrived, Bond could hardly believe his eyes. It is said that everything is big in Texas, and that certainly applied to the food portions. The enormous enchiladas were hand-rolled corn tortillas stuffed with ground sirloin and topped with the restaurants special Tex-Mex sauce – a red chile sauce with chili meat – and then with melted cheese. On the side were refried pinto beans cooked with garlic and onions. The Mexican rice was mildly flavored with onions and tomatoes.

“All right, Felix, you win, Bond said after tasting the food. “This is good.””

Raymond Benson: “The Facts of Death” (1998)

Appetizer: A bowl of chile con queso


Main food: The enchiladas
The Facts of Death” Finnish cover


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